Monday, April 1, 2013

Make Your Monday: Giveaway!

We're taking a break from quotes today because I have something I'm so excited about today! Our very first giveaway ever! 

In honor of Earth day (coming in just 21 days) I'll be giving away a reusable cup, like the ones I use. Can you tell what my favorite color is? Don't worry, I won't be giving away a pink one. And I'll be going with a cool one (for soda or water) rather than the coffee version since we'll soon be in the mood for something cool when we're out and about. Yea, Spring!

So here's what you do. Comment on this post, or share this link with friends on Facebook or Pinterest, maybe you can even tweet it, I have no idea. Just let me know you did in the comments and you'll be in the running. The winner will be announced on April 22nd and sometime between now and then, I'll show off the cup that could be yours!

A while ago, I decided to track how many cups I saved by using mine when I get coffee or soda and don't use the establishment's paper or Styrofoam cup. I make a mark with a Sharpie permanent marker I keep in my console. Lord knows, if I didn't do it on the spot, it would be hopeless. If you have a cup too, I want to invite you to start marking it each time you spare the landfills another cup. If you've never used your cup this way before, it may feel funny at first, but it's worth it. I show my cup and say, "I'd like a soda," or a "refill soda," if the place has a discounted price if you bring a cup in. On two occasions, I've even gotten my drink free! If the person helping you looks surprised, just give them the "I do this all the time" act. That's what I do when I want people to think this is what's happening...where have they been? Under a rock? That's how I act if they balk at my reusable bags too. Come on, people, plastic bags are SO yesterday. ; ) I've decided this is a valid strategy anytime you feel like the weirdo. 'What?! Maybe you're the weirdo.' You never know. 

At the end of April, I'd love to see how many cups we save (all together) so comment your grand total towards the end of the month and I'll tally it up. 

Even if you don't share your total, I hope you'll try and enjoy tracking it. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, which you know, I kind of crave. So happy Monday, people! I'm off to hunt down a wonderful, if not pink, cup. 

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  1. Still love the idea of marking the bottom of the cup. So neat to see your ticks at the bottom and know it's there to replace a piece of trash in the landfill! Good work :)