Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let the Lathering Begin!

So here we are...taking befores and crossing our fingers. 

Here's what my daily shot will look like, since I'll probably be taking it myself. Usually, I will not be in a bathing suit or show you all the way down to my C-section scar, but I wanted thorough documentation of the condition it's in now. 

Further documentation:

So why does it matter to me if my stomach isn't smooth? Why can't I just embrace it as a part of motherhood? 

The truth is, I can. If I need to. I can do hard things. My husband has been okay with it since it looked like Davy Jones and he's got me convinced that no matter how I change, I'll never fall off the attractive wagon, in his eyes. This is huge. Huge. And I know this makes it easier for me to be laid back about my flabby skin. I can tankini it up all my days. 

But honestly, there's a part of me that wants to find out if I can have "it all." As in kids and a flat stomach. Never again feel that moment of panic while putting my luggage in an overhead bin. Wondering if my shirt came up and scarred the begeesies out of the college girl below. Never catch myself in the mirror during yoga to see a bulge at the top of my pants. Not feel like I've worked really hard and made my stomach really strong, but no one could ever tell. 

I intend to find out. Not to make myself beautiful, because I believe I already am (most of the time). It's more like styling my hair because I prefer the way it looks or having my ears pierced because I like earrings. If it's about making things nicer, it's healthy. If I think it will take me from ugly to beautiful, that's not healthy. 

What do you think of our efforts to look nicer? How do you reconcile being innately beautiful and being well-dressed, groomed or what-have-you? 


  1. It's such an interesting topic, I'm fully behind your desire to be the styled version of yourself.

    It's something I struggle with sometimes, shouldn't we just love ourselves as we are etc... But with things like clothes, make-up (make up is my big one) when is it too much or not enough??

    I don't know the answer, I don't even know my answer but I do know I'm 100% behind you in this and that gives me some idea of my deep answer. It's okay and good to want something and to see if its attainable,xxx

    1. Thanks for your honest response! I love hearing what you guys think and where you're at in your own journey of "figuring out." I think it's interesting to observe that the "too much" or "not enough" can be different for people, which I'm hoping to explore soon... :)