Thursday, July 11, 2013

Easier Summer Dessert

When I was "cooking" for the 4th, I thought of you and decided to share my recipe. 

Which...may not be allowed to be called a recipe if there's a minimum number of ingredients, because it has all of three. But I consider it a recipe, so you won't be surprised when I admit to searching Pinterest for two or three-ingredient recipes. So far, no winners, but I'll keep you posted.

2   Graham cracker crusts
1   container lite Cool Whip (8 oz)
2   strawberry yogurts (6 oz each)

Mix the Cool Whip and yogurt together and pour half of the mixture into each crust. Freeze. 

See? I told you. So easy, the kids can help and you STILL get done in ten minutes. Mine did.

The craziest part is how tasty and low fat it is! It's fluffy, cold creaminess that cools you from the inside out. I'll admit, it looks a little plain without fruit on top, but that's how we make it when it's just us eating it at home. If we're taking it somewhere, I add fresh fruit right before serving it, since frozen fruit does nothing for me. All the juicy sweetness is lost and we can't have that! 

I gave you the recipe for two pies, but you can easily use half a cool whip and one yogurt to make a single pie. But be warned, it's so good you just might want two! And when you can make twice as much for the same amount of time in the kitchen, it means less time in the kitchen later! Win, win. 

For the record, I DO love spending time in my kitchen, but I wind up in front of my laptop, rather than the stove. See, location is everything. Speaking of kitchens...I just painted mine and I'm dying to show you. And no, you can't sneak a peak in any of the photos above. You'll just have to be patient while I try to take some good photos of it. More on that soon!


  1. Love the photos -- your assistants are adorable! This sounded so easy and cool for these hot summer days, so I whipped up 2 of these yesterday evening and took one to my new neighbors. I had a piece of mine first -- fantastic!! My neighbors invited me to stay and enjoy a piece and of course I did -- wouldn't want to be unfriendly. But I did take only a small piece. I shared the recipe on a card with your blog address, but they don't have a computer or the internet. :(

    1. I'm SO happy you liked it! I worried that the photo wasn't appetizing enough to get people to give it a shot - so yea!