Monday, July 1, 2013

Make Your Monday: James

You may have thought I'd forgotten about making your day every Monday, but I didn't. I just ran out of ideas. But when I read this quote, I knew it was destined for some of your computer screens. I just had to pretty-fy it. Here it is, to inspire you to take a summer afternoon off at some point. My dream afternoon off is reading a book or taking a nap in a hammock. What's yours?

(full-size wallpaper here)

Hope you've had at least one of these lazy afternoons already this summer, but if not, you should seriously make it a priority. You deserve it. You're worth so much more than check-marks on your To Do list. 


  1. Oh but this fits me to a "t". I'm a summer gal, a sit on the porch with a book and glass of tea, or lie in the hammock with a pillow and a book, or drift on the lake in a kayak with a book and a thermos of ice-cold tea or . . . well, I think you get it. :) Love, love, love this!

  2. Thought I'd stop by and see what you're up to on your site. Lovely site. Soothing, fun and funky. Love your pin-graphics.
    I had a perfect summer day yesterday - a beach day by day and a beach evening at night with a picnic dinner and a sunset and my favorite, sitting on the tall lifeguard chair looking out on the gorgeous waves.

    1. That sounds lovely! Beach days are a RARE pleasure for us in the Midwest!