Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tweaking Our Dresser

The decor atop our master bedroom dresser wasn't my favorite. (See the rest of the room here.) It left something to be desired. Like some variation in the height of objects. It seems a little empty and the picture was still too high.  

Since this photo was taken, several things added to the emptiness. The kids inherited the CD player/radio on the end, the perfume bottles went away because one was used up and the other smelled like the alcohol was taking over. I've gotten rid of the things I kept in that brown desk organizer, so it seemed silly to keep it. 

That was the story for the top of the dresser, but there was also the front of it. In the back of my mind, I've wanted to switch out the knobs on this Ikea dresser. It's so shiny and glam, but the original knobs were dark grey and cold looking--totally out of place. All twelve of them. Gulp. Pretty knobs at Anthropologie cost $5 each, adding up to way too fast. Which is why it stayed in the back of my mind. Then came the day when I had my little birthday 15% off coupon and rummaged through the sales room. I found these brass turtle shell beauties. And they were marked down to $2.95, which after my coupon, made them all a little over $30. That seemed to me a doable upgrade. 

Here's how they look on the dresser.

Waaahh-laaahhh! I've waited six years for this moment and I was not disappointed. No sir. I'm in lo-ove. When I sit in bed and glance over at them I feel fancy and glitzy and a little Gatsby-like. The men's jewelry box (which has cuff-link size partitions--perfect for my earrings and rings) came from my closet. It's much more handy out here. The lamp was from the family room, which I thought would cast a little light during movies, but instead it made a glare on our TV. 

(the lamp's former home in the family room)

I taped over the metal parts and spray painted it white. I tried to be really patient, just misting it because I was afraid it wouldn't stick to the glass surface very well. I'm usually the person who loves how fast spray painting is and makes it even faster, applying it too thick and adding drippy lines to my finished product. Grrr. It paid off and seems to be sticking just fine.

I added the flowers next. This bud vase almost got minimized away because it never gets used. When I put fresh flowers in it, my cat knocks them over to get to the water. These teal flowers don't look quite as real as my other fakes, but they were also way cheaper! I like how they break from the color theme of the room, since we're going for the real feeling. People don't usually give you flowers based on your room colors. 

And of course, I lowered the painting. So. Much. Better. 

P.S. Monday will be a very special day here at Have swing back by sooner than later. : )


  1. Love the mini makeover, Kendra. Glam and glitzy it is! I will definitely be back Monday :)

  2. Looks great and the new knobs really suit the dresser!