Friday, August 23, 2013

Fill in the Blank...Wall

I had a blank wall in my house that was positioned opposite my toilet. The one I use most, so I seemed to be staring at it frequently. But what do you hang in your bathroom? I thought about framed letters, cat profiles, and then I saw a sweet idea on Pinterest. A couple framed each of their baby bath photos and hung them in their shared bathroom. So when I revamped my kitchen, I set aside these frames to put baby bath photos in.

But there was one little problem. I looked through all our photos and found not one bath photo I could use. I decided to use one of Brian right after a bath--all wrapped in a towel and looking precious moments cute! That wasn't too much of a stretch on the theme, but my pictures didn't have anything even close. So I picked a cute picture of me sleeping in the backseat of the car. 

I took them into PicMonkey and made them black and white. Then I used the handy-dandy clone tool (found under Effects--at the VERY bottom) to give Brian a little more uniform background. The crazy florals didn't make it to my bathroom wall. The great thing about PicMonkey's clone stamp is, if you go a little too far, it has an eraser you can use to correct it. I used it on mine too, to darken the background and get rid of dust flecks or scratches on the image. Here's what I ended up with.

SIDENOTE: I personally love PicMonkey because you don't even have to sign in. You just open a photo and start editing. I've surprised myself by choosing it over Photoshop. 

Anyway, I sent them off to Shutterfly because I thought I had a coupon to make them free. Turns out it wouldn't apply, but it was still less than $5 for both prints. 

When my orange envelope arrived, I popped them in the frames and hung them with this favorite homemade tool. You hang the picture on the nail head and hold it up where you want it. Then you punch a hole in the wall with the pointed end, so you know exactly where to drive your nail. SO fast. 

Here we are, in our not-tubbing-it cuteness. I so love his face!

And finally, the blank wall filled in...

So there's what I've been doing on the home decor front lately. It's not super impressive, but it makes our bathroom feel a little more personal and complete. Ahh...

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  1. So your homemade tool is brilliant! Why haven't I thought of that before?! :)