Monday, September 16, 2013

Make Your Monday: More Labels for You!

So, we've had lots of ideas for potential label colors, which I SOO appreciate! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Today is our very first crispy cool day and I'm rockin' a sweatshirt over a button up shirt with pearls, people! Super crazy for me, but I'm lovin' the mix of casual and fancy. Also on the feeling fall front, I've got the next holiday on my mind. Which is why I decided to start out with the basic, but always phenomenal, black. Not only is it fun for a creepy, crawly Halloween party, it is a designer's staple.

AND...if you're out of every other color of ink in your printer, you can STILL make these! I know. There's a label for everyone

The files for both shapes are picture files (jpeg) and you can open them in any photo editor, including PicMonkey, which is free and easy to use. For these black ones, I'd recommend using white letters, which means the paper will show through there. If you prefer cream and black, just choose an ivory paper and wah-lah! You've got creamy goodness in all the grooves and curly-ques! You could use a lavender paper if you're into purple for Halloween. 

Once again, for those of you who are as awesomely confused by techy stuff as I am, the only "editing" you're wanting to do is to add words. The files I'm offering are blank. Here they are: 

                                    (download here)                                                       (download here)

Hope you get to relax this Monday evening. Keep the color suggestions coming! And I may just get crazy and change up the shapes...

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