Thursday, September 19, 2013

This and That

If I was reading along in my own blog...I would've wanted to SEE the sweatshirt and button up and pearls combo that was casually mentioned the other day. And so, I asked Brian to oblige me and take a pic that evening. Maybe it sounded more wondrous than it was in reality, like movies that fall short of books, but here it is. 

I think the look would fair better if my sweatshirt didn't have a patch pocket in the front, but hey. I'm a recovering perfectionist, so that's alright.

MUCH more exciting is the other news I have for you.

You, my friends must know about the best deal available, in the whole WIDE world today. It's a book called, "Carry on, Warrior" for 3.79 at Amazon. 

You may have heard me rave about Glennon's writing (my FAVORITE blog EVER...slash ...reason I started writing one...slash...what I read when I forget why I'm writing one.)  If you like to laugh and need to take life less seriously, while simultaneously and magically taking life more passionately, buy it! It's so cheap! With tax, I paid $4.06 and the best thing about ebooks is there's no shipping. 

But maybe you don't have a Kindle, etc. Me either. I downloaded a free Kindle app to my iPhone and wah-lah, I have my book with me when I'm in the waiting room, waiting to pick kids up from school...all the times I used to think, "Ah! I wish I brought my book!" Or, if you have an iPad, you can download the same app and read it on a little larger screen. By the way, I thought the small phone screen would drive me crazy, but it doesn't at all. And yea for one less device, minimalist friends!

P.S. Go here to buy it, but you have to know - I get a small commission. :)

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