Monday, October 7, 2013

Make Your Monday: Chafe-Be-Gone Bloomers

For a girl who's never seen the light of day peeking between my upper thighs, I've had a hard road with my dresses and skirts love. Even during my thinnest college days, my thighs always rubbed. I'd run short errands across a small campus and end up in pain. The best solution I found was this:

But this stuff is over ten dollars and it was only effective for a few hours, at least with the amount I sweat. For someone who doesn't appreciate extra expenditures that have to be repeated, (I'd rather be buying something pretty or going somewhere fun) I wasn't satisfied. 

Still it took me a ridiculous amount of time to find a better solution. I looked at Assets, the bike-short style girdles that Target carries. But one of my favorite things about skirts was how cool they are because they are flowy - not tight. So then I went to big department stores to see if they had any slips that were divided, maybe for the old split skirts? I could see them in my mind, but never found any. And then the idea came to me. "I will buy old slips at the Goodwill and make my own!"

I bought a nude slip and two white ones, for .99 each. I tried them on and cut them the length I wanted. Don't go too short, because slip fabric tends to roll some and if it gets too high, it won't be helping you out at all. I didn't bother to hem mine, since slip fabric won't fray. 

Then I pinned them like this.

I stitched with my machine, following the pins up, over a tiny bit, and back down. And then I put them on. Let me tell you, they are a dream. SO comfortable and cool. I also have to warn you, they look as terrible as they feel good. These are UNDERgarments for sure. I affectionately call them my bloomers, but heaven forbid, the wind catch my skirt and anyone else see them.

So go get yourselves some old slips or revamp some you don't ever wear, and say good-bye to chafing forever. 

One More Slip-Related Tip: Have you ever put on a sweater dress and tights, only to feel like the dress is hitching up and catching on the tights? Well, that bothers me. I don't think I should have to fuss with my clothes all day long just to keep them looking right. I mean, the morning routine was asking a lot already. So I wear my shortest slip over leggings or tights (hiking it up just below my bra so it won't hang out) and under my tunic top or dress. The rest of the day, I enjoy my dress swish-swishing around my middle, never encountering my cable tights. Bliss.

P.S. Along the lines of making your are the promised wardrobe outtakes. 


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has this problem! I've been wearing short cotton shorts under my flowy things the past couple of summers, but it does get too warm that way and sort of defeats the purpose of wearing a dress or skirt. I must try the DIY bloomer trick!

    P.S. I LOVE your sense of style...I just discovered your blog after reading your guest post on Courtney Carver's site :)

  2. Has anyone mentioned how darn cute you are??? ;) I've actually borrowed my mother's original pair of 'bloomers' and they were FABULOUS! Never thought of making my own so you know I'm headed to Goodwill! Miss you!

    1. miss you too! and thanks for saying I'm cute...even after seeing my outtakes!!

  3. Some of my co-workers were talking about this problem and one of them said they buy split-leg slips just like you are making here. I don't know where she buys them but they do exist!