Monday, October 28, 2013

Make Your Monday: Giveaway Time!

(this giveaway has ended)

I found a Pampered Chef Tool Turn-About, just like the one I posted about yesterday and wanted to share it with one of you!

It's second-hand, but I ran it through my dishwasher so it's sanitized, at least in my mind. ;) The reason I actually prefer the older version is it's white. Pampered Chef still sells these, but they're black, which doesn't go as well with light, bright decorating. This makes it a rare, limited edition kind of thing. Wink, wink. If you're planning to put it in a cupboard, the color isn't as important, but I love being able to have things out and accessible without looking too unruly. 

So please comment below to enter and if you share the giveaway, leave the link in your comment so I can enter your name twice! Also feel free to comment with any ideas for what could be organized with it. We will announce the winner next Monday, so you have all week to enter and tell your friends.

Also, this could be a good time to practice the minimalist habit of "one-in-one-out" so while you're dreaming of winning this, start to think about what it might replace or any one thing you could do without. Less stuff equals less stress, so give yourself a break. An organizer as nifty as this might even free up several odd smaller containers. 

Just in case you're thinking, "Well that's awesome, but what have you got for me today?" How 'bout this. I wrote a poem. At least, I think it's a poem. I haven't written one since college, so the requirements are a little fuzzy, but here it is. Just for you, on your Monday.

School Mornings

Kids fall out sides of
minivans, their feet
barely catching them as they 
loop backpacks over 
half-grown shoulders.

Grey wind blows unkempt 
hair while greetings shouted
criss-cross the lawn that
leads to school. 
Small arms pull mighty
on big, glass doors.

Warmth swirls around
mixed with smells like
peanut butter and jelly
and pencil shavings.
They made it.


  1. Love this, your blog is so fun and creative!

  2. I shared to my Facebook account too:)

  3. Would be great for art supplies too :) (Also, shared to my FB timeline)

  4. Hi! I love your reading your blog. I was so excited to see this turn about tool being used in a "non cooking" context. I am a Pampered Chef rep and love seeing people using our tools. I have this turn about in my kitchen holding silverware and larger utensils. I also have one for markers, paint brushes, pens, etc in my crafting area. This handy tool also comes in bamboo! Check it out here:
    I love your blog and seeing how you are keeping things simple yet beautiful in your home. I'm a minimalist in training. Thanks for your posts!

  5. Ooo - I LOVE the bamboo version. SO pretty! Thanks for reading and aspiring towards minimalism because it's a journey. If it were a destination, I could never call myself one since I have not "arrived" in any way, shape or form! But that's exciting too - because there's so much room for our quality of life to get better. ;)

  6. funny i didn't see your post on how you use it for art supplies, haha

  7. I keep one in my sewing room for scissors and sewing tools...they are very useful!

    1. That's a wonderful way to use it! Not sure you're interested in another one, but if you are and would like to be included in the drawing, comment again with your name. Don't want to leave anyone out :)

  8. I shared it on Facebook and I would love to use it on my teacher table at school to stay organized! Courtney A.

  9. Sharing on my FB! This would be great for SO many things girls hair "things', make up, craft desk!! We are moving next month and I am wanting to organize everything!

  10. I have a friend who doesn't read many blogs who I know would love this for her kid - can I enter on her behalf? :)