Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Summer Outfits: 8-10

This stripey number is the maxi dress that shrunk short enough even I can wear it with my flats. Which is the only way maxis retain their everyday chill look. If you add heels, you just look fancy and part of the beauty of this look is how laid back it appears. Easy, breezy beauty. In my fantasy world, I am also chill enough to be okay with my skirt occasionally brushing the sidewalk. Not in real life though. I planned to cut this one if it didn't shrink enough. The hem would roll a little though and I might have been forced to stitch it. Whew! 

Well, I'm not sold on this one. Mostly because my pose here strategically hides the fact that my stomach still doesn't look super great in a tight tank top. So I end up standing like this all day. Not really, but some form of jacket clutching ensues. I really like the mix of patterns (the TJMaxx jacket is slightly dotted), but if my stomach hasn't succumbed to my yoga efforts by next season, I'll just keep the jacket and let the rest go. 

And one more green outfit. This is Brian's favorite color, so it's appropriate I'd have a couple. I love everything about this outfit, but the most remarkable to me are the shorts. They're from a store I usually just window shop, but my girlfriends love White House Black Market. One day when I accompanied them, I tried these shorts on and fell in love. I bought them big enough I can slide them off without undoing anything. Loose shorts are cool shorts. But they're also stretchy, so way more comfortable than any shorts I've ever had. I was looking for something that looked smart enough to pair with blouse-style tops and the dark wash does that for me. 

I love these little earrings from Anthropologie. They kind of look like pennies that someone got warm and pushed jewels into. Then there's my crystal necklace that I've gotten a lot of mileage out of. It looks great with so many things. 

Total pieces: 38

So there's the rest of my everyday clothes.  Next up, are my dressy duds. If you missed the earlier outfits, they are here and here. If you liked this post, subscribe to HaveMercy and I can send you an email anytime I write something new! Which is not usually this often, but if I dragged it out, we'd be on fashion for weeks! And I'm so ready to start talking fall.

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