Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer Outfits: 5-7

We're taking it up a notch today. Everything's still ultra comfortable, but gives the impression I tried harder. Here goes.

sidenote: I was excited to find a nail color that went with everything in my summer wardrobe. That color is almost-orange coral. If you find our wardrobes are comprised of similar colors, you should consider this color for your nails. So fun!

I want you to know about the trend that makes my summer life easier. Nude or skin colored shoes. I am a BIG FANThese sandals are a little metallic, but they harmonize with my skin and the sassy-ness of those ruffles is a total bonus. They're Gianni Bini, which I will confess is my favorite brand of shoe. My mom taught me young to invest in shoes and have happier feet as a result. She also taught me to choose shoes that would go with a lot so you're spending more on a few pairs, rather than having a hundred cheap pairs. Which may be why I love this trend so much. No longer do I have to have black sandals for my black jumpsuit. These look awesome with every color except silvery grays. 

I'm not gonna lie, jumpsuits are hard to come by in the Midwest, but there was a J. Lo option at Kohl's. I just felt it was a wee bit too dressy. I wanted something to chillax in, but if I added heals mine would do evening well too. While I was in California, my friend took me to Ross for the first time and boy, do I wish we had one here. It's like TJMaxx and Marshalls only cheaper. My jumpsuit was there, just waiting for me and it was less than $20. My earrings are from The Limited and the bracelets are Francesca's. 

I wanted a Zooey Deschanel skirt to call my own, but didn't find it until the end of the summer at Francesca's. It's my new favorite. I wear it with this Forever 21 ($1.80) tank top and the necklace I made from a Goodwill chain and a Forever 21 charm. I should say Brian made it, with all his tools and his skills. It's perfect. When I'm running around I don't do these heels, but I might do this look for a date...when I'll be sitting a lot. Otherwise, I wear it with the next outfit's shoes. Or if I'm feeling super New Girl that day (funny show), I'll wear some cream ballet flats.

Here's another way I wear the white shorts. This coral tank top is from The Limited and the sweater is what I call "my restaurant sweater." Because in the summer, it seems restaurants and some stores think those of us coming in from the sweltering would like to freeze to death. I end up hunched and miserable with goose bumps all over me. I end up unconsciously telling the people around me, "I'm so cold." Like, at every break in the conversation, "I'm so cold." So I take my sweater along. 

And here we have my second pair of nude shoes. These are Michelle D and the entire upper is elastic. Because of the platform, I get some height, but the rise is so slight I don't feel like I'm wearing heels. These are a dream come true. Since the first vacation Brian and I took, where I walked a lot and got bleeding blisters, I've been searching for a pair of shoes that give me a little height, look nice with dresses, but I can walk a long way in. I'd started to think I'd never find them, but here they are

And do you know how I test them? I got tired of thinking shoes were comfortable when I walked around my house, only to find they hurt when I crossed a parking lot. So, I take new shoes to our indoor mall and switch into them once I'm inside. Then I walk. If they start to hurt, I return them because they haven't been worn outside. 

Total pieces: 30

So three more everyday outfits tomorrow and then we'll get into the dressy stuff! 


  1. Sehr schön....schade, dass es jetzt wieder so kalt geworden ist. Da kann man solche Outfits nun wirklich nicht mehr tragen.

    1. Yes! these are all tucked away and waiting for next year! :)