Monday, November 25, 2013

Make Your Monday: Life Tips

Today's the debut of me sharing tips that make my life much easier, in hopes that some of you will not have thought of them yet and therefore, can lighten your load which usually feels extra heavy on Mondays.

My first tip is something I learned while working in a mail room. There's a category of mail that's sent cheaper than the rest and can be discarded, rather than forwarded. In other words, it's junk mail. If a company wants to be sure you get something, they use a different method to send it, like First Class. Here's what the junk looks like:

This one happens to be a credit card advertisement, but what if you had a Citi card? You might wonder if this had information about your actual credit card or even just your number that you like to shred. I used to confidently toss "obvious junk mail" and then afterwards worry I'd ditched something important. Well, now you know the difference so you can pitch this without ever opening it. This has changed my experience of getting the mail! It's so pleasant to only open the junk you want to.

So spread the word and enjoy less time wasted on mail.

If you're traveling this holiday, you're likely to come home to a big stack of mail and now, you can pull the important stuff and chuck the rest in minutes! Feels. So. Good.

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