Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rethinking the Bookcases

Long ago, I mentioned my dream of painting the backs of my bookcases. They were on the "study" side of the living room and we hoped to eventually trim them and make them look more built-in. 

Three years passed and I was feeling like the piano stuck out too far, putting a crimp on the sitting area around the fireplace. Soo...

...I sat in the corner of my living room and thought. Then my husband, because he was having a particularly patient day, helped me out. Here's a list of the changes we made:

  • we swapped the piano for the bookcases, thereby turning our "study" into a "music" room
  • we rearranged the sitting area around the fireplace to incorporate Brian's big chair
  • the twin chairs moved to the music room 
  • the bookcases got painted
  • the books and decorations on the bookcases got streamlined (or scrutinized from a minimalist's perspective) I'd been giving some of them the side-eye for a while now, knowing they were just "fillers" and not my favorites. It's good to LOVE everything I look at!

And boy do I like the result. Can't wait to show you! I'm just waitin' on a sunny day to take more pics. Here's one to tide you over...

Mm-hmm? I'll show you how I did it too. Hopefully tomorrow!

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