Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Tour At My House!

So rather than finish the second half of my living room, I decorated for Christmas. I'm going for a, make-the-right-side-so-pretty-you-never-see-the-left thing. So far, it's working for me. When I take everything down, I'm sure I'll be re-inspired to take on the "other half."

I'll admit I love the idea of having a touch of Christmas in every room - a Christmassy throw pillow for my bedroom, a rug in the kids' bath that says "Ho ho ho!" But the reality is too much. To much to store; too much work. Especially for a minimalist girl who wears out after decorating a little tree and hanging a few stockings. Let's get on to the hot chocolate and movies part of this season! My main Christmas fantasy is still sitting in front of the tree without other lights on, on the couch sipping something hot and snuggling with my hubby. We haven't done that quite yet, and many years get so busy it never happens, but I'm determined it will this year. Even if we're so tired we fall asleep in the dark...that would be sweet.

Anyway! I've kept you waiting long enough and the Christmas tour must begin. Since other bloggers are thoughtful and do this early enough to inspire you and give you time to use their ideas, I just have to say, I'm sorry. I'm just not that professional. And I was way too far behind to do that this year. I will say, a few of these ideas could be easy last minute things. Or for next year? If we look at it that way, I'm just thinking way ahead

Here's our hearth with the faux fur tree skirt I made last year. 

This is one of the pine cones my sister and I put in Ziplock bags with glue and glitter. We tried to get our little kids to shake the bags, but they weren't very interested. It failed as their "first craft" but we were happy with the results! I'm impressed they still look brand new after years of using them. I have a few more on the coffee table.

Here's a close up of the presents. I'm a big fan of using yarn instead of ribbon. It's so easy and it makes me think of the line in the song, "brown paper packages tied up with string..." This two-color stuff is extra fun and looks great with these free, printable tags

I made this paper chain last year from scrap paper I didn't need. It's such stiff paper, it held up really well. I stapled it too, so I don't have to deal with tape losing its sticky. 

Alright, fellow themed-Christmas-tree peeps. I've felt like I couldn't put any of my family, red or other unmatchy colored ornaments on my tree in years past. Thanks to this inspiring tree over at Young House Love, I shook off that stuffy idea. And I LOVE the result. I mean, I've got kids bringing home ornaments they made at school and the last thing I want to tell them is, "That's nice honey, but it's not pretty enough for my tree." Wah?! No. That's not a merry Christmas. But beyond my altruistic nature, it's pleasing to my eye. Biggest surprise ever. The diversity of colors gives it depth it lacked before. Take a look.

These are all ornaments that have been gifted to us, several from Brian's father who travels the world, the train from my childhood, and the house from a relative the year we bought our first house. I love seeing them on the tree. 

This was supposed to be the whole house tour, but it's trying to be the longest post in history. I think I'll leave you now and show you the rest a little later. If you were wondering where I was all week, it was my first week working part time. I'm very excited about it, but I'm going to have to figure out how to juggle with one more thing in the air. Yikes! 

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