Friday, October 2, 2015

Christmas Touring: Part 2

You can tell by the title how creative I'm feeling. 

La. De. Dah. 

Good thing all this is done and I can relax now! 

Here's what I decided to do with our Christmas greetings from friends and family. It looked sweet when it was just one string and still looks good now that they've filled the window. I'm liking this option because I can see my cards and still keep my fridge clear. 

I strung the yarn with masking tape and attached the cards with miniature clothespins. That's all the Christmas excitement in the dining room, except for this hand print from when Chandler was small (and wouldn't hold still ever!)

When you have a little tree, you have to put ornaments like this elsewhere because they're just too heavy for the branches. Any little knob or window latch will do! Speaking of window latches, that's how I hung these ornaments in the kitchen.

I went to a program where these ornaments were the craft. We got to put whatever we wanted inside the balls and I chose a few things for each that represented members of my family. This is a fun way to use odd buttons, jewels, beads, cardboard letters, and pom-poms. The confetti really makes them, in my opinion. Also pretty ribbons to hang them from and wrap around the metal hanger. I only did one that way but I liked it best. 

The other thing that adds some Christmas cheer to my kitchen is our advent calendars, which we hang on the refrigerator. Why do I count our blessings between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Well, last year I was late beginning a thankful practice (normally we do it during November) and I decided it was better late than never. Then I realized it was nice for the kids to focus on what they were thankful for and not just what they were about to get. So we did it that way again. Cadence and Chandler each have their own and I enjoy seeing what they love about their lives. I think it may be fun to read through later on too. 

Above my desk in the kitchen, Cadence's hand print is hung. She was much more cooperative!

This is when I wish vacation would go on and on. I've worked so hard to get ready and then it seems to be over so fast. Before I'm ready, the little tree has to come down. If it were up to me, Christmas would be mid-January so we could enjoy it a little longer. Since it's not, let's stop our mad scurrying as soon as possible and revel in the fact that we are loved not because of what we do, but who we are. If you get stuck in a "have to do it" mode, check that voice and say, "Do I really? I mean, really?" At the end of that checked-off To Do list is sometimes nothing but a pile of tired. And grumpy. I love traditions, but not so many that everyone's stretched too thin and ready to snap on Christmas day. I plan to be calm. Which means taking time for deep breathes and letting plan B be good enough. Here's to a happy holiday. 

Not an efficient holiday.

Not a pristine holiday.

Not an impressive holiday. 

A happy one. 

Love you!

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