Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cold's Coming: Snap!

Sorry I left you high and dry on Monday. Especially a Monday coming off a holiday weekend - those can be rough. But I've been busy over here, getting ready for our first real cold snap. I'm a California girl who loves the Midwest except the part where I'm OUT in the cold. That's just poor planning. So if there's a random balmy day (50s) midwinter, you better believe I'll be all over town getting everything done that I possibly can, so when the temps go back to freezing, I can be hibernating. Bears are so wise. I love the winter and deep snow and falling snowflakes when I'm watching it all from my couch. Unless I happen to catch the very rare snowfall that is quiet because there's no wind. Then I love to stand in it and just listen. Most peaceful place EVER

I digress. The point is, this is a golden moment to save myself shivering pain later on. Part of our mad scurrying included leaf bagging in the front yard (where the neighbors are most likely to see and get annoyed). I took my fall pretties off the porch and tucked them away. I wiped down all the surfaces in my car. There's nothing colder than holding a wet rag in your cold hand, so this may not happen again until spring! But I have a hot date tonight and it will be lovely to ride around in a clean car. We're off to see Catching Fire and I'm super excited! 

If I can get the Christmas lights up outside and vacuum the car, I'll be on cloud nine. Come Thursday, I'll be limiting my time outdoors to the very minimum and thanking my lucky stars for my coats and gloves and ear bags and Sherpa boots and long underwear.

Then I'll come inside, peel most of that off, and blog promptly every Monday morning. And then Santa Claus will come. (Those two things may be equally likely.) But since the glow and magical-ness of the holidays is affecting me this year, it's fun to dream! 

P.S. There's also a huge deal going on The In-Between, a book I enjoyed recently. It's only 1.99 this week. Go here to see what it's all about!

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