Monday, December 16, 2013

Make Your Monday: Gift Tags

It just dawned on me that we could use our nifty little labels as gift tags! Hopefully you guys aren't too far into the gift-wrapping process to use these. I've got two shapes and sizes, both in gray, since I'm in love with gray right now and it goes with almost all the Christmas color schemes. 

Here's a label you can slit on both sides and slide a ribbon through. (download free file here!)
Here's how these look if your printer heads need cleaned and you don't have the right ribbon to demonstrate threading it through the label. (Sorry, guys!)

And here's a less traditional option that may work better for some of you. (download free file here!)

I'll tell you right now, these are adorable, but they are the pits to cut out. I'd suggest a good Christmas movie to watch while you do this. ;) If you stick with it, they'll look something like this:

A standard hole punch will give you the hole to put your string or ribbon through. For both labels, I'd use a heavier paper, like scrap paper. You don't want to go to all that effort just to lose a tag before the gift gets where it's going. They print out on an 8 1/2 x 11 page, so if the paper you buy is bigger than that, just cut it down to size. 

Does anyone else love the smell of wrapping paper? There's nothing like laying by the tree breathing in the smell of pine mixed with all that freshly cut wrapping paper...ahh. Can you tell this is my "on" year? The year I'm actually in the mood for Christmas. If you're not feelin' it this year, you might want to read this. Go get your Monday, friends! Or eek it out...whatever. You're my friends either way.

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