Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Greeting Card Art

Never did I imagine the sentence, "Greeting cards to the rescue!" would show up in my blog, but this winding road of bloggery if full of surprises. That's my tip for cheap art. Frame a greeting card. 

Not an obvious one. Pshhh! Just the artsy no-shiny-scripty-letters-allowed kind. Like these:

All of these were at Target and all of them were in the range of 1.99-5.99, except the box of blank notes. If you need some note cards for corresponding purposes, then it's a win-win! So you can see that you can find graphic prints or word art in the card section. I'm personally tempted by the thumbs-up for a whimsical element and the gold and pink "and" sign.

In case you think this will only provide you a small piece of art, think again. There's a luxury to large matting. It gives you a "keyhole" effect, which draws your focus to the center. Different matte sizes add to the variety that's characteristic in the arrangements I talked about here. Since then, a kind reader filled me in on the term: salon style hanging. I'm a fan!

If you're as stingy as me, you're thinking of two more hurdles before you've actually got art on the wall. That would be a frame and a matte. I get my frames at thrift stores, but for those of you lucky enough to live near an Ikea, they sell them for a lot less than box stores. Next is the matte. Most of us don't have access to an angled matte cutter, nor would we know how to operate one, but if you don't want to pay to have one cut (or can't find anyone willing), you can simply mount your card on the matte. I use scrapping adhesive that's removable, so when I get it crooked I can pull it off and fix it. As long as your frame is smaller than 12 inches, you can use card stock that's cut for scrap booking. So much easier to cut and if you go to a scrap store, you'll have more colors to pick from than you can believe. 

I'll be putting one of these together for the second part of the living room, so I'm off to find a frame...

Would you hang any of these cards on your wall? Which one's your favorite?


  1. I love them! I have framed postcards as well, or pictures from art photography books, or vintage child game cards.

    1. Ooo - you'll have to point out the game cards next time I'm over there! I've never seen that done.