Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Life Tip #2: Buy Cell Phone Cases Online

Obviously, I'm making your Monday on a Tuesday...with my second life tip. (The other idea I thought was semi-original and would make your life easier is over here...on an actual Monday.)

If you're frugal or enjoy a good deal, you should never, ever, EVER buy a cell phone case at the store. They're around $30 and you can get one on ebay for $3. No kidding. I've gotten one for 2.97 and the shipping (from Hong Kong) was free. 

Now you have to be sure you know what model your phone is and buy one that's made just for it. You also need to familiarize yourself with terms like what they call hard cases verses soft cases, etc. But it's all worth it when you save SO much. 

This last time I sprung for the zen, wood-look case in the picture above. I love that it doesn't scream, "Cell phone!" when it's lying around the house. No neon or bunny ears for me. This one felt like a real splurge at $10. And still, free shipping.

I have to tell you about the other drawback: it takes up to a week to come. I ordered mine on Monday and got it Thursday. This means you carry your phone around like it's the holy grail and promise your kids loss of all privileges if they touch it before said case arrives. Especially if it's an iPhone with TWO screens that could shatter. Still worth the savings, in my opinion. 

Why, you may ask was I shopping for a phone case? It so happens I was trying on shoes when someone spied my phone and got a case of the grabbies. When I came back from my customary tromp around the shoe section to decide if the shoes were comfortable, my phone was gone. I'd stupidly set it on top of my shopping bag (very obvious) not thinking anyone would swipe an old iPhone 4. You'd think my husband, who likes to have phones that can do things would be the one to get his phone stolen. Not me who's been eligible for a phone since August but didn't upgrade because mine still worked

The upside is, I backed my phone up on iTunes in November, so most of my numbers, apps and settings were saved. Also, I had to get a slightly newer version of the iPhone and it's much faster. Possibly best of all, I don't have to debate with myself about when to spring for a new phone. All in all, I'd say it's turned out well. 

What do you find you can get drastically cheaper with a little know-how? I'd love to hear! 


  1. I totally agree with this! Way better prices and a larger selection! Congrats on your new phone! ;)

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