Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Living Room Redo Continues

Seems like a long time since this post, where I shared how I rerouted my living room toward pink-dom. I thought the next thing on my to do list was the other side of the living room, which we like to call "the music room" in a we're-so-fancy voice. And then Christmas happened. But on my way over there, I did make a change that I'm excited to show you!


This is our front door, which I realize now, I haven't shown you much before. This is because it's really difficult to get a good photo of. When it's bright outside, light comes blazing in through the top of the door in such a way that you might be blinded, even through the interwebs. Here's another try at a good picture.

You may have heard that gray's a tricky color to select, and you saw proof in this post about painting the back of my bookcases "gray." Or blue-gray. Or a grayed navy. It's hard to say, but the color, deceptively called "gray flannel" was not a straight-up gray. In fact, such a gray may not exist. I ended up putting multiple gray paint swatches in my room and choosing what looked like "true" gray in there. Weirdly, one I thought would be too green was perfect. So that's my advice on selecting a gray.

As far as actually painting the door, I used a small roller and a small paint brush. Anything I could roll, I did, because I like the consistent texture of the roller. I'm amazed how the gray took my door from a functional object that I blended in to a design element. The old brass hardware looks so striking against the gray. Here's a view before, for comparison. Not a fair comparison, since this is our move-in mess almost four years ago, but it seems that's the only photo I have of it...

It definitely draws more attention and at first, I didn't like that because I wish my door didn't open directly into my living room. I love a foyer, even if it's small, because a door opening into your sitting area feels very casual. I've actually said that's the one thing I don't like about my house is the lack of "entry areas," on the front and back doors. This change has somehow gotten me over it! Celebrating the gorgeous old door does it justice and I feel more accepting of the fact that I don't have a foyer. It's been a strange little metamorphosis, but I'm glad I've come to terms with my home, just the way it is. 

I'd also like to introduce you to a newcomer who lives not far from our newly painted door. It's this gold end table I'd been eyeing at Target. Then, one magical day, it was waiting for me on an end cap (who doesn't get butterflies when they spy their favorite items on a Target end cap?!). Then there's the preparation, "Self, it's probably still too expensive...don't get too excited yet." Well, friends, it was 16.98 - down from 59.99. He came home with me. Ahhh! I'm very happy with our new addition. 

I kind of love cleaning out the Christmas stuff. It's as close as I get to spring cleaning. I go after every pine needle and in the process, clean nooks and crannies I usually don't acknowledge. Have you cleared out your space yet? Do you feel refreshed? I hope so. It's a brand new year and oh, the good things that are coming our way!


  1. I love cleaning out the Christmas stuff too because I feel decluttered and there's more space. I relate to the fresh start too. I tend to do a lot of decor refreshing around springtime.

    Love the door color. It really is on trend with the brass hardware. Love that little gold table too. If I had a place for another table I would have been tempted. The Threshold and Nate Berkus lines have been killing it at Target lately.