Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Your Monday: Return of the Labels

Hello, friends! Here are the promised Easter labels. I didn't get any feedback as far as your preferred color, so I made three. Actually, I laid out three from the adorable eggs featured on PicMonkey. I just added solid ovals so your text can be seen. You print them out and write on them by hand or you can take them into any photo editor and add words to them! A photo editor like, say, PicMonkey - which is free and doesn't even waste your time with setting up a log-in! No, I'm not paid to say this, I just think they're awesome. If you want all their awesome features, you can pay 4.99 a month, but there's so much that's blessedly free.

These little eggs could work as place cards or menu item labels. If you hole punch at the top, they could hang from ribbon on just about anything and look super special. As usual, you'll need to follow the link below each one to download a file big enough for printing. 

(get the bigger file here)
(get the bigger file here)

(get the bigger file here)

Enjoy and have a lovely Monday! I'm dreaming of having time to decorate for Easter...I have some nests and branches I'm dying to put out. Soon, I hope. 

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