Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Decorations: Check!

So here I am, only three days before Easter and I just finished my decorations! I'm guessing there'll be an Easter "after-glow" at our house, where we continue to enjoy these cheery things after they should technically come down. I know...such a rebel.

I found these twigs that another decorator had once wrapped colorful threads around and glued acorns to. I thought it was genius so I added more thread to those and did a few of my own (without acorns). I'm probably not the only girl who thought she was going to learn to embroider and never did. I still had the embroidery thread and this was the perfect way to use some up. I wrapped and glued the end of the thread down with a drop of Arleen's Quick Set Tacky glue. This is mindless enough to do while watching TV. I arranged them in some acorns, but you could also use white beans. I think they're called navy beans? 

Then I had these nests and thought they'd be pretty as a centerpiece for the dining table. I  bought the eggs at Hobby Lobby. They're pale blue with speckles. 

There's nothing cheerier than bunting, but I wasn't ready to buy fabric, so I pulled out my scraps of scrap paper and cut triangles. 

To make them look more like fabric, I drew stitches around the edges with a fine tipped brown marker. I knotted the yarn at the end to give it some personality.

Three pieces of tape attached each triangle to the yarn. One held the yarn on the inside crease of the paper and two held the flap of paper down. Sometimes three, if the paper was stiff. I could have left the yarn free to slide, but I figured irregular bunting would not be cheery at all. More crazy-making...

And of course, we have Harold the chevron Easter bunny greeting us when we come home. He's the best! (Here in Nebraska, we love door signs and hang them much more than wreathes. Thought I'd explain for my non-Nebraska readers who've never seen one before!) What I love about them is they aren't fragile, they take up way less space, and don't get smashed flat by a storm door. In my world, they've completely taken over. Peace out wreathes. 

Are you feeling ready for Easter? Remember, it's a holiday. So make it fun, but don't kill yourself!

P.S. I promised I'd share a bit about one of my volunteering projects (which I blame for the late arrival of my Easter decor). It was a fundraising dinner for the private school where my husband is principal. I was in charge of decorating and here's what I came up with...

So there's my biggest project - all finished and I'm breathing a sigh of relief. It was a lovely evening and I was glad to be a part of it!

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