Friday, April 4, 2014

Kid's Room Art

I'm dying to get into Easter decorating and dressing and planning, but it's a little premature since I'm finishing a few volunteer projects (one of which I'll share a little later). I blame those cute little egg labels from Monday's post. They've got me all distracted...

But I'm reigning myself in and putting first things first. Like tackling this little stack of art that's been sitting in a corner ever since Chandler's walls got reshuffled to accommodate the new art station. I was so serious about doing it asap, I left my hammer and this awesome tool up there. This was genius because I remembered this project only when I went looking for my hammer. 

And here is some progress:

While this is an improvement, it's not a rock star moment. I told myself, "It's nothing to write home about," or a blog for that matter, but I'm keeping it real and this is what it looks like now. And I'm happy with it. The wall feels a little weird to me with nothing below these pieces - kind of like they're floating. Also, I love things creating clean lines and the oar doesn't lend itself to that kind of grouping. So I'm just calling it good. Chandler can see the photos and art from his bed so, mission accomplished. And I don't have to vacuum around that stack of art anymore. Win!

I treated this corner as separate from the main grouping and like how it turned out. 

We took this family photo back when my hair was the opposite of what it is now! This shoot naturally worked with the colors in Chandler's room, so we hung a few in there. The one over the rocking chair (below) is all of us on a train caboose. Such good memories. #Iheartpictures The artwork on the left was done by Chandler and I love it.

I had lots of luck finding navy frames at Goodwill stores. So much that I had to limit myself because I wanted to mix in some other colors! I grabbed the red one at Ikea over Christmas. It's my new favorite because it's so bold. 

By the way, the little boy on the far right of the main grouping is Antony. He's our adopted child (through World Vision) who lives in Guatemala. He's the same age as our twins, so I call him my triplet. I thought the kids would have an easier time imagining someone their age. I've wanted to sponsor a child for a long time and am so glad we're finally doing it. I love getting his letters and artwork and photos. He's gone from having someone else write his letters to writing them himself. That may not sound incredible because I never thought it sounded very incredible when people would describe corresponding with their sponsored kid, but it is. Because it's a real person on the other end that couldn't go to school and learn to write if we didn't provide for him. When that hits you, you feel so glad you have enough to share.

Anyway, the art is hung, my hammer is back in the drawer and my projects are almost done. Then the spring fun will really begin. Can't wait to share it all with you!

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