Monday, April 14, 2014

Minimalist Easter Baskets

If any of you have yet to buy a child some Easter goodies, I thought I'd give you a run-down of what I got mine. I was shooting for things they love to use and don't already have enough of. We don't do big toys at Easter, although I may take advantage of the sales to buy their birthday gifts for next month! We prefer giving some small gifts and putting candy in the eggs. I think we'll also put change in some of the eggs since they're starting to enjoy counting (and having) money. 

1. We have no bubbles left from last summer. This was a fun thing to get one for each of them in whatever color seemed most Eastery. With warmer weather coming, we'll be ready for some fun times outside!

2. Their goggles have seen better days and I fear the straps will break when I adjust them. I was super excited to find this two-pack that had a "boy" and a "girl" color.

3. Both kids like Peeps and we love to surprise Daddy with some from time to time, but he ends up sharing with the kids. So this time, they each have their own. Also fun for choosing a color your particular child will enjoy. 

4. There was a clay project in school that I have not stopped hearing about. Chandler particularly has requested that we get some clay, which sounded scary and complicated and messy to me. When I saw this, I thought, "I can do this." It's all one color and needs nothing but the air to dry. No baking. No color mixing. They simply paint it once it's dry. Whew!

5. On one of the nice days that visited this spring, the kids used up what was left of their sidewalk chalk. They enjoyed it so much, they kept using it when their little fingers were scraping against the driveway. They drew pictures of space and had a section called, The Zoo. It covered all the concrete they had access too and after they finished (it was a big secret project), we were given a tour. What parent could resist such enthusiasm? Clearly, more chalk was in order.

6. Finally, the thing I think so cleverly resembles an egg: EOS chapstick. Also available in lots of colors and flavors. Beware, the reds/pinks may have some color to them, so I avoided those for Chandler. My kids are often chapped and yet don't like anything minty. These are available in all kinds of non-minty flavors and they will be harder to lose because they're a wee bit bigger than a normal tube of chapstick. Also harder to send through the laundry unknowingly...not that that's happened around here. Wink, wink.

So there's my stuff for the kiddos, who are almost eight. Yikes! They really want a party with friends and I'm freaking out! It was so nice last year, and they have so many classmates! But I will focus. Right now is Easter and I'll be posting about my few, easy, cheap decorations...preferably before Easter when it would be, you know...still helpful? I really need to get the jump on you guys when it comes to holiday things, but I just can't seem to do it! If you're way ahead of me, maybe file these ideas away for next year? Love you!

P.S. If you're wondering how I can go from talking about something as serious as vaginismus to Easter baskets, well...I'm just that all over the place! I love how you allow me to swing from what seems frivolous to my deeper, thoughtful moments without missing a beat. Because it all matters. We're important, so everything we do is important. Fun stuff like Easter baskets are peppered in and around the hard stuff. The great thing is, if we can bask in the fun for a while, the hard doesn't seem as big or scary. I do plan to follow up the vaginismus post with more on the topic. For now, I'm noticing the questions people have and I'd love to address those sometime soon. :)  

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  1. I love these baskets. It's great that you have filled them with things they need and enjoy, rather than stuff for the sake of stuff. BTW I totally get how you can jump from Vaginismus to Easter baskets in a flash. I'm all over the place too! Life is too short to be serious all the time and you are right it all matters.