Thursday, May 15, 2014

Closet Make-Over: Tah-Dah!

At last, it's time to reveal. Here's a quick look at my closet before. #crazyaboutbeforeandafters

You can see I'd put a little effort into it and there were things I loved about it already. First of all, how it's my very own space. Making the attic into a second story required creating a stairwell, so we chopped the master's walk-in closet in half and added this closet under the stairs. The original one works well for Brian since he can utilize it's full height, but this one is perfect for me. Does "his and her's" make anyone else feel content and gittery at the same time? I love calling them our "his and her's closets." Mostly in my head, but when I say it out loud, it's always in a sing-songy voice. I've also loved the accessory organizer I made from a little pink door I salvaged. And lastly, I've never had any kind of shoe shelving, so this was exciting, even next to the exposed pipe. 

What I didn't like was how several items failed my easy-to-get-to test. Which is, "It's so easy to put away, what's the point of throwing it on the floor?!" My closet was bursting, even though I'd trimmed my wardrobe to what I enjoy wearing. (To see what made the cut, go here and here.) Here's my newly improved home for these favorites. 

I put my Ikea faux sheepskin rug on the floor and it's a distractingly delicious feeling when I'm pondering what to wear. You can finally see where Gloria ended up. (That's what I named the hen.) Gloria, the glamorous. Isn't she a wonderful spin on the bust for necklaces? I've got my necklaces covered, so her tail holds my bracelets. That spot where the picture is propped will one day have a small mirror, since I can't always find my earring holes without one and for seeing them with my outfit. This'll eliminate taking multiple pairs out to my full-length mirror and having to put all the "no's" away. #firstworldproblems

Doesn't she look happy here? My necklaces are hung from curtain clips. Each one's hung separately so there's NO tangling. I even clipped a headband on the last one. A cheapo tension rod is what they hang from. 

These are the same cardboard boxes I had before (with clothespins and tags). I just snazzed them up with "snakeskin" paper. Now one's my lingerie drawer and the other one holds my bulky scarf, Static Guard and a hood from a down vest. Below, you'll see I also covered my Ugg shoe box to hold my towels. I'll give you the easy how-to later. But if you turn a bit, you'll see this:

This is how I store my rings. I found it at a thrift store, just like that acrylic letter sorter for my clutches, for .99 cents. Totally stole that idea from A View Along the Way. Actually, that's the post that got me excited about a pattern on my walls. Oh, also this one. After seeing these two pretty spaces, I was dying to redo mine!

This brilliant organizer was a gift made by my sister-in-law. All I did was pick the frame and stick my stuff on it. The ribbon at the top holds hair accessories. I love never untangling earring hooks either!

This word art's a reminder that beauty shines out from inside us when we take the time to nourish ourselves with things that bring us joy. That's how we "fill up" with beauty. The whole idea is inspired by this post. Really worth a few minutes to read. It's incredible.This frame was crazy perfect too, with soft distressed grey, gold, linen, and $2. Meant to be.

Here is my scarf solution. I'd tried the organizers they sell at stores and didn't like how some got buried under others. Then I stuffed them all in one of my cardboard boxes, but still, I hated digging through them. So I bought shower rings (second hand for a dollar or two) and attached them to one of my hangers. I love this system. At a glance, I can see all my options.

If you turn a bit more, you'll see my large belts on that wall by the doorway. Turning all the way around, you see my skinny belts and my (now cream) old door. At the bottom are my clasping bracelets and the one necklace that was too long for the shelf. And while it's not beautiful, I like having the lint roller so handy. 

Illuminating all of this, is not longer the boob light. I was sitting at my garage sale and I spied something sparkly on a table. It was catching light and throwing rainbows and I had to investigate. On closer inspection I saw this lovely, bubbly globe for a light fixture and my brain said, "Chandy dream is coming true!" I didn't ever dream my little closet could boast a real chandelier, but I did want something pretty up there. And I'm afraid my photography skills don't do it justice, but here is my little dream come true. 

I got the base for it at Menards for 3.97. My friend who was selling the light at our sale, charged me .50 cents, so this is my $4.50 light. I'm so spoiled! Especially when you consider how this all came together right around Mother's day and my mom was able to travel up for a quick overnight for the first time since her husband's been sick! Brian and the kids bought me chocolate, but I'm totally counting all this as my Mother's day gift. I'm not sure which one has caused the most sighs, eating chocolate or walking into my closet. Maybe I should eat the chocolate in my closet!

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