Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Bench Question

 I've had a long distance love affair with bamboo chairs. Brightly painted ones, natural ones, but especially the kind where the lattice back doesn't create diamonds because it's made of offset rectangles! I swoon. Every time. If you follow me on Pinterest, you've seen some I've pinned to the board, come inside. That's where I put decor items or elements that don't necessarily belong in a specific room.

A few years ago, I ran across a bamboo chair at a thrift store, but decided the timing wasn't good and walked away. I hadn't seen one since! Then I happened upon a garage sale this summer, hosted by a group I support (I don't shop garage sales often), and found a bamboo bench! The rattan seat had a giant hole, but that was okay since I'd prefer to add an upholstered seat anyway. It was a tiny $10. 


I spent some time wondering about painting it, since I LOVE how they look painted, but I can always do that so I'm trying it natural first. After fitting it with a seat and pillows, I'll see if I want more color. Kind of hope not.

My real question is where to put it. This type of furniture is so versatile. It could be seating at my dining table, or at the foot of a bed, and obviously, it seemed destined for gorgeous entryway with an equally awesome umbrella holder. (Which by the way, is the item that has stumped my cheap-savvy decorating strategy. If you know something I don't, please let me in on your secret! They're so dang pricey. I even came up with a use for one: I could store my yoga mat in it.) Now that that's off my chest...I disregarded the entryway idea initially because we all know, "I don't have a real entryway." Then I got this idea:

Crazy, right? I'm head over heels about having a place to sit and take shoes off, but the placement seems a little funky. Like it's part of the living room seating area, but not quite. I do like the balance of the two wood pieces on either side of the door. So tell me what you think! Here are a few more angles:

Does it seem like that awkward person who's not quite made it into the circle - creepily looking over shoulders? Or does it seem like an overly aloof part of my awesome "barely-there" entryway? Help me out!


  1. Ooh! Love the bench, it looks great! What if you flip-flopped the chest on the other side of the door with the bench? Would that work?

  2. I think your new bench looks great next to the front door! Great place to set a bag, put on shoes, etc. it's really sweet!