Monday, November 24, 2014

A Helping Hand: Front Room Details

When I began this "vacation" of sorts (recovering from adrenal fatigue) I knew I'd have a hard time resting in my living room if I didn't get some stuff finished. I'm not proud that I feel unrest when I see things I've planned or tried to do without succeeding, but I had quite a bit of that going on in here. There's a point where it's good enough (though not perfect or complete), but definitely enjoyable. We weren't there yet, for me - at least not on the piano side. I decided to give myself a higher chance of succeeding at sitting and relaxing by peace-ifying the piano side, and maybe a couple things in the main seating area. Maybe.

So I got my gold spray paint and painted a waste basket that will serve as my umbrella (and yoga mat) holder until I have time and energy to do a more involved DIY. The best part was saying goodbye to the basket that had held them. It was breaking and I was literally picking pieces of it off the floor. (Ain't nobody got time for that.) I painted a matte, a plastic toy giraffe, and the frame on the sweet little picture below. I got some grey spray paint out and painted a basket so we'd have a place to store flash cards. How are my kids old enough to need flash cards?!

The two gold frames you'll see next to the basket were from our local dollar store, The Dollar Tree. I put a picture of Chandler in one and my favorite Picasso in the other one. And yes, she's nursing. I think it's beautiful. I will also have a nude somewhere, someday, so prepare yourself. 

Next I sewed pillows. I'd stacked obnoxious pillows and fabric in my living room, hoping the stack would bug me enough I'd tackle the project. It didn't work, but in light of my looming rest, I imagined this last hurrah effort would make my time off much more pleasant. So they happened. All the pillows. Okay, two. I'd planned to make more, but after a certain amount, pillows just start getting in the way. Brian says, that "certain amount" is zero. He coexists with my pillows under duress. 

This one got recovered in a remnant from Nel Hills, in Kansas City. So much pretty fabric there!

This one's from the velvet I used for my bedroom curtains. I tried this brilliant tutorial from House of Earnest, revisiting my girlhood days of pom-pom making. It's playful and subtle and makes me smile. 

Here's the bamboo bench. You probably guessed I couldn't face months of a seat you couldn't sit onI wasn't thrilled with the quality of the padding I used, so I threw my faux sheepskin over it. That was magical because the bench doesn't seem empty without pillows (Brian cheers). Pillows would make no sense here anyway, since my purse lives there full-time and often a discarded coat, a return, etc.

I had the piece of glass cut to fit the coffee table top, effectively shrinking its footprint. It looks less make-shift and we no longer hit our legs on its corners. I put this task off far too long. To have it cut down to size took fifteen minutes and five dollars. The edges they cut don't have the fancy finish of the original glass, but it's not sharp either. I turned it so we see the pretty, finished edge most of the time. 

A grey dresser scarf over the radiator made this corner suddenly feel layered and finished. It's amazing how something so simple can change how a room feels. I sold the tan rug that was here and decided to do without until I find the right thing. 

The biggest hurdle was art above the piano. I'd gathered a couple items, but didn't have a grouping yet and I was at a point of frustration. That's when I decided to spend a little money to give myself some peace. What a thing for a minimalist to say, but I did. I figured if I was going to spend money on supplements, I might as well spend a little (up to $30 was the ballpark I had in mind) on a relaxing environment. So I took myself over to Hobby Lobby and found a sweet little print of drops. It was the missing puzzle piece to my grouping. Brian helped me hang everything and I was over the moon! The blank wall that had frustrated me for so long was filled. I also bought a fake flower for this little thrifted vase. I love him for looking and feeling so real!

It feels good, having things squared away - finally arriving at "good enough for now." We all have different tolerances and you may be gaping at me wondering why I can't be calm in my little piece of heaven, but I'm okay with that. I'm done judging myself for things that are hard for me and learning to say, "Okay, if that's hard for you, what are we going to do about it?" I think a big girl stops wishing she was different and starts working with who she is

So I got my big girl panties on and took care of myself. Did we have thirty dollars to spare? Not really. Do I worry sometimes about how fast the supplements are adding up? Well, yeah. But I don't regret spending that money. Not one bit. My husband, who's always loved me better than I've loved myself, didn't bat an eye. He's had to tell me to do things like this for years. This time, I figured out a loving thing to do all by myself. 

Has someone who loves you ever asked, "What do you need? What could you do for yourself that would help you feel better?" Have you ever wanted to scream, "Om, I don't KNOW. If I knew, I'd be doing it right now!" Glare. Strangely enough, I've sometimes actually known, deep down inside me. Sometimes, I'd secretly hope Brian would suggest we go out to eat that night, or send me somewhere for some quiet. I'd wait for him to say it, needing his permission. If he said it, it wasn't selfish or crazy. Well look at me now, folks! I just listened to my Self say what I needed. I listened and I decided to love me. Not yell at me and tell myself why I didn't deserve whatever pampering I was longing for. Not even wait for my husband to overrule my scrooge-like self love. 

It's a new day. 

That's what I mean, when I say, Take care of you. 

It's okay to give yourself a helping hand.


  1. Your room looks beautiful and very peaceful. High five to you for saying yes to your needs. I know how hard that can be. But you did it! Go Kendra!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I've not done a single project since, so it's been a big success. :)

  2. Beautiful living room! I hear you about struggling to spend money and time on yourself. It's hard for me too, but the guilt is lifted if Brett gives me an encouraging nudge. I know I don't NEED his permission. He will always support my self care.

    1. I figured I wasn't the only one, but it's good to hear I'm not! At least we've had them to coach us. <3

  3. Always love your creativity and your unflinching determination to look at yourself deeply, Kendra. Kudos for discovering what you like so you can spend healing time in your lovely and peaceful living room. I so enjoy the many photos you include when you are transforming a space.


    1. Dena, you're such a wonderful encourager! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. You guys! You make sharing such a fun experience. Thanks for cheering me on!

  5. Love it! :) Love the style in your room and that you took care of yourself, regardless of how "frivolous" that felt.