Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Living Room - Decor

Welcome to my house! If you were coming over to ahem, snoop, you'd come in through this door and possibly toss your stuff on my bamboo bench. I hope you're ready for picture overload because that's how this is feeling. (Sorry to start with the room we've talked about pretty recently, but I feel like we should do this in the way you might walk through, rather than hopping all over the house.) 

A little business first: When we're done, one post will show a whole room as it is now, so you'll only look at archives for older versions. If there's a related DIY post, I've linked to it here. This is the decor day, when you see how my room looks all picked up. In the next post, I'll show where we put everything when we're picking up. It's my secret to being sane. Uncluttered is zen to me, so this is what our living room looks at its zen-est.

bamboo bench - garage sale | faux sheepskin - Ikea | lamp - thrifted | dresser - Craigslist | rug - Ikea

(Less zen is the boot-removing tool that's habitually under this bench during cold months. After pulling something in my groin while taking off new Sorrels, I love this thing. The boots slide right off.) Straight ahead when you walk through the door, are these bookcases. I wanted the feel of built-ins and one day we may even trim them to look like they are. This photo's not the best, but it shows you how the living room connects to the dining room and way back there, you can even see the chair at my kitchen desk. Kind of. If you know what you're looking for. The kitchen's on the other side of the pink crazy wall

bookcases - Ikea | "b" bookend - Ikea | teapots, glass containers, giant chess piece - thrifted

This is my favorite room in the whole world, but I'm a homebody in winter. The runner up is my bedroom (probably because both rooms have healthy amounts of pink.) Like it or not, pink's my happy color and I'm done fighting it.

Lamp base - Target | dictionary page lamp shade - DIY here | chair - garage sale | pom pom pillow - DIY here

mirror - Hobby Lobby (painted) | word art in Ikea frame | dog statue - Home Goods | owl statue - TJMaxx
alabaster jar and gray vase - thrifted | faux log insert | lamp - Target (painted)

gold frames - dollar store | basket, tissue cover, clock - thrifted

dancers painting - thrifted (painted frame) | blue vase - TJMaxx | chartreuse throw - TJMaxx

curtains - Ikea | shades - Ikea | side table - Target | sofa - Ikea | coffee table - thrifted | pink pillow - Ikea
geometric pillow - Hobby Lobby

rug - Craigslist | flowers - Hobby Lobby | plate, gold tray, books - thrifted

There's the living room. Tomorrow I'll show you the music room, which is technically the other side of the living room. Because these rooms/this room has so little storage in it, we'll knock that out with one post. Then on to more storagey places. Can you tell I'm excited? I'm making up a lot of words...Please comment if you have any questions about this room. One of the biggest reasons I show my home is so you know you don't have to be a millionaire to have a beautiful home, so ask away. 


  1. Love the image of the cat on the radiator - very Zen!

    1. Yes. That's why I love him! When I forget how to chillax, I just watch him! :)

  2. Hi Kendra, I'm likely repeating myself when I say l love your posts, I love your DIY projects, I love that you often include many photos, and I love your beautiful and welcoming home - as shared via your camera lens. Today's tour of your living room is so much fun. Question: Was your fireplace already white when your family moved I'm or was this your doing? As I coordinate updating of my father's 1988 house, I'm leaning strongly toward painting the red brick fireplace white.

    Blissings & hugs,


    1. Thank you, Dena! Yes, the fireplace was white, but I wouldn't have hesitated to make it that way if it hadn't been. The trim was all a weird yellowish beige and we painted it all white. It really updates a space!