Friday, January 16, 2015

Living Room & Music Room: Storage

As a minimalist, I love to combine beauty and storage whenever I can, because then I have something I use AND love, in one item. The beauty of that, is the fewer things you have to care for and keep track of, the easier/more peaceful your life is. Well, to a certain point. There's a rule called the 80/20 rule that says joy comes from 20% of the things we have/spend our time doing. The other 80% isn't contributing and often makes it harder to get around to enjoying your 20%. So I want to let the figurative 80% in my life, go. 

I'm not actively progressing in this venture now, since all things are on hold until my body is happy again. (Possibly the most important part of the 20% yet we run it over with our 80%.) So I'll tell you now, some things are in disarray (not in this room, but later on) and I'll do my best to let you see them as they are. 

This bookshelf holds the kids' chapter books (bottom right) and the magazines a friend passed on for my perusal (middle shelf). The Ipad we play music from sits on that shelf too, all its charging/connecting cords stuffed behind it. The top shelf holds tissue, which I think needs to be in every other room and a basket of flashcards. Confession: I recycled a stack of catalogs right before taking these photos. I don't mind having a current Pottery Barn around, but sometimes the old ones stack up without me realizing.

Our coffee table holds a couple coffee table type books the kids enjoy flipping through to see the pictures and our current (and first) yearbook. It's handy enough to look at often, although the kids are required to wash their hands first. (Because you just never know. Right now there's a Cheeto hand print on our couch.) 

The side table holds a couple large picture books, a Noonday catalog and the chapter book I'm reading to the kids. It also holds the book I've borrowed and plan to read next, Castles Burning. 

Over the backs of various chairs, I have two throw blankets (the chartreuse one and a heated one that's ivory). I use these all over the house, but their home base is this room. During warm months, I put the electric one away in the family room, but right now I use both. A small TV, antennae and remote is hidden behind the faux wood fireplace. We use it to watch a couple shows on the one local channel we can get!

On the music room side, we keep our larger umbrella and yoga mats in this painted waste-basket. It'll one day be replaced by a very beautiful umbrella holder (possibly a DIY?), but this looks nice in the meantime. My mat is missing in the photo. It's black and often in my car, but it fits easily when I do put it away.

Last, but most importantly, this little dresser IS our entry way. I wrote a whole post about it over here and I won't repeat everything, but I will say, we still use it that way and it still works like the incognito wonder that it is! Only difference is in real life, the hats/gloves/scarfs drawer looks like this: 

When the kids start piano, we'll use the top right drawer for the kids' music. So that's the room with the very least storage. Next we'll head down the little hallway off the music room to see the main bathroom (the one Brian and I use) and our master bedroom. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

P.S. When my kids were little and we needed a stash of toys in the living room, we had a box basket with a lid that we put everything in. When that got too small, we got the hamper we now use for recycling. It even held the vacuum that goes pop-pop! I loved being able to throw everything in there after bedtime so I could enjoy a "grown-up" space. 

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