Monday, January 19, 2015

Main Bath: Decor

Before we get to our main floor bath, you have to go through the babiest of hallways. It comes off the music room (how people used to get into that bedroom) and this is what we've got on the wall.

One of the ways Brian celebrated our anniversary in early years, was to write a poem in the shape of the number of years married. So when we took five year anniversary pictures at a beautiful farm, I put this together with the portraits and his poems. I love seeing it every day. The fun part is I was pregnant when we took those and didn't even know it yet! When we celebrate our anniversary this summer, these photos will be TEN years old! Ten incredible years. Sidenote: If you're a marriage doubter, or come from a family of serial divorcers (like me), it is possible. You have to do the hard work of going through the emotional junk you've been hauling around, but you're not doomed. 

Wow, that got heavy fast. I just used to feel doomed, or at best scared, so I want to give my peeps a shout-out from the other side. Do the work. It's worth it. #everyonecoulduseacounselor

Anyway, here are a few close ups of our bliss.

Sorry for all the angles. I didn't know how else to beat the glare! To your left in the baby hallway, you'll find the main bath. This room hasn't changed much, since the remodel (scheduled for last summer) got shelved. We're hoping to afford it this summer. None of the fixtures will change, but we need to replace the plaster walls with moisture resistant drywall and tile the floor. I'm also hoping we can recess the medicine cabinet and replace the trim around the window and door. Oh, and the original faucet on the tub feels more like random selection of water temp than "turn this way for more hot water." I'm over it. Eventually, I'd love to do some wall tile. (The plaster is stamped to look like subway tile up to the chair railing. That's why it's white below and grey above.) I'm used to it and I think grey all the way down will feel blah. 

It's difficult to see it here, but we were able to take our cafe curtains down after making our windows "frosted" with contact paper. You can see how in this post. 

The changes I'm enjoying in this room, are the new touches of pink. This cotton ball holder is much more fun than the clear glass cylinder I used before. And wait til you see my scale! 

Towels - Target | handsoap - Melaleuca | Soap dispenser - JCPenney | floating frame - Michaels

And here's the reality of it being our bathroom, not just a powder room for guests. Our teeth cleaning appliances mess with my pretties. I don't mind them as much as the cords. Why couldn't we have put the plug on the other side of the counter?! Hindsight and all that...

Now that I have the oocy-juicy grapefruit scented hand soap from Melaleuca, I will use this pale pink pump for lotion. If you have a friend who does Melaleuca, ask them to order you the soap. It's scent is so energizing, happy and refreshing, I wanna make up excuses for washing my hands. 

Of all the rooms, this is the easiest to double up useful items as decor. Towels are one of my favorites. I constantly see other towels with which I'd like to cheat on these. Peachy pink damasks, polka far, I've stayed a minimalist in this area, but I can see a towel intervention in my future.

(more on these childhood photos here)
Tucked between the vanity and the door is my aforementioned scale. What I love most (besides its good looks) is it doesn't use batteries! I was headed out to buy batteries for my old scale when I found this one for $3.99 at a Goodwill. Less than I'd have spent on a package of batteries. I'm in love and therefore can forgive that it tells me I'm 1.5 pounds heavier than my previous scale.

Next I'll show you what this minimalist keeps in her bathroom and how I organize it to be easy to put away. I realize I'm a long way from a tiny house, but this has made it possible to have the things I use stored where I use them. No more running to the basement for a new tube of toothpaste. It's the best. 

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