Thursday, January 15, 2015

Music Room - Decor

On your left (after walking through our front door) is the portion of the living room we snobbishly call the "music room." So far none of us know how to make music with that piano, but we dream of a future when this room earns its name. And a rug.This room still feels very dark to me, but then it has two pieces of dark furniture and no rug to lighten up our dark flooring. Since I'm crazy about light and bright, this room's a work in progress.

piano - hand me down | lamp - Ikea | black chair - thrifted | waste basket - thrifted and painted gold

This was a bedroom before we knocked a wall out and added it to the living room. With the front door dividing the two spaces, we've created separate groupings, but when we host something like a shower, we orient the seating in the music room to see what's happening in the main seating area. I love having the flexibility to host  a larger group.  

dresser- Craigslist | lamp shade - Menards | lamp base, vase & mother/son art - thrifted
baskets - Target | white frame - Ikea

Here's the "out-going" table, which is rarely cleared off. Toys kids left behind, coupons to give someone, mail to send -- it all goes here. 

Art - Pier 1 | Raindrop art - Hobby Lobby | Word art - me | Circle painting - me | ginger jar - Michaels | blue vases - thrifted

To make things lighter and brighter, I moved the photograph art to the dining room and replaced it with this bird painting. 

blue bottle & pink vase - thrifted | flowers - Hobby Lobby

These flowers are fakes that pass my looking/feeling real test. My cat knocks real flowers over to drink the water, but I love having flowers in a room. They feel like an instant special occasion, but I get to enjoy these all the time.

Chevron pillow - Ikea | & sign - greeting card art | abstract art - me | covered dish - thrifted

A pair of club chairs sit across from the piano. With a little table (that I don't love) between them. It's hard to get a picture of them because the window behind them is so bright. I'll probably try harder when I like the table. :) 

fabric for pillow - Nel Hills, Kansas City

That's it for the music room. When they make my dream rug (ivory with gray dalmatian spots) things will get a lot brighter around here. Check back tomorrow for our first storage peak at these two rooms!

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