Friday, January 9, 2015

See my Home: Up Close

In the dull roar of new year's resolutions, I'd like to let you in on what I'm working on personally and what I'll be sharing here on the blog. On a personal level, I'm getting myself well. In addition to Adrenal Fatigue (or contributing to it), I've discovered I'm anemic, hypoglycemic, and have a liver that functions like an alcoholic even though I don't drink alcohol and drink water like a camel. Grr. But actually, it's encouraging because I was feeling low about the hormone replacement (how we were treating my Adrenal Fatigue) not making me feel better. So I'm doing a liver cleanse and for the mental/emotional stress that contributes to Adrenal Fatigue, I've begun meditating daily for a whopping three minutes. I'm also taking a yoga hiatus (except for restorative classes) until my body can handle it. So, big changes for me, but they are not likely to apply well to you, my dear readers, so I thought I'd go another route. 

How would you like to see my home in an up-close, nitty-gritty way, like you were my nosy guest and peaked in my bathroom cupboards? This may seem weird at first, but I think it'll take a bit of the mystery out of how this minimalist life works, right here where I am on the path. I will not quickly orgainze/minimalize ahead of my camera. And if I give in and do, I'll admit it to you...because, let's be honest, it may happen. SO hard for me to see something really out of sorts and do nothing about it! 

Along with this, there'll be an updated home tour, showing things I've tweaked here and there. I'll show you a room or closet from a decor perspective and then we'll delve into how I hide all the uglies and (as a minimalist) try not to have useless items around. Since stuff equals stress, I try to let anything I don't love or use go. 

For those curious about the minimalist journey, you can follow along through my spaces and start rethinking yours. If you live where it's cold, this is actually a fun time to be housebound and go through things. Especially since most of us need to stay out of stores after Christmas shopping. And while stores are putting lots of organizational tools on sale, you won't need them for this. I got rid of so many containers during my first big sweep it was like an organizer's heaven at my garage sale that spring. I simply didn't have anything to put in them! 

So here's to a new, lighter year! I'll try to shake off this fatigue and you can maybe shake off a few unnecessaries. 

Happy new year, friends! 

P.S. I said that bit about yoga pretty quick because it's a little painful. I'm really sad to leave off growing and pushing for now. I love it so! But I love me more and will wisely choose a gentler path. I keep reminding myself, it's temporary and I will be ready and healthy when I go back. 

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