Monday, April 6, 2015

Kitchen Storage - Part 2

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. The weather was gorgeous here, but it wasn't quite right with our main man away on a trip. Today I'm sharing more of the kitchen, starting with our pantry. Though it's not a traditional walk-in pantry, it serves the same purpose, so we call it that. We'll go top down in the double-doored section and then top down in the narrow section.

This is our cereal cabinet. It's pretty empty now, but when we tried to store hot cereals in here too, it was a lot of stacking and shifting things. Below is our nut butters, bread and chips/crackers. The next shelf has nuts and canned fruit, sweets (the kids and I each have a canning jar for the ones that belong to us), then there's powder drinks, ghee, and toothpicks.

Next come sauces, soups, canned beans and veggies, a canister with protein bars and my fancy shake mixes. The next two shelves are divided in half between boxed/bagged items like pastas and jello and our reusable cups.

On the left door of the pantry, I've hung this Thirty-One organizer that I found second hand. I love how it makes fruit leather, chip clips, gum and grocery ads easy to grab.

Now for the narrow pantry cabinet. First, it holds the other half of our blender. I know it makes no sense, but that's where they fit and we hardly ever use it anyway, since it doesn't work well. With it we store hot cereal and refills for the canisters on the counter (flour, cornmeal, and oats). The next shelf holds spices, bread crumbs and yeast.

These cabinets are generally baking supplies, with a few additions. The first shelf has sweeteners we take to the table (the shaker holds powdered sugar) and below it are baking items (except the broth). The next shelf (right top) has brown sugar, white sugar, coconut and Stevia. Below that, you see oils, baking powder and shortening.

The top shelves are a smattering of things I love, but rarely use and some I don't necessarily need in my life. Their only purpose is to keep the glass cupboards from looking empty and this bugs the minimalist part of me. But if I put things I use often up there, it would be a royal pain. They are so high. 

Our island is another place where we've gained some extra storage. It holds a hamper for our recycling, a basket of baking stuff, lunch boxes and dishes, and the cat's food dish. 

The folded fabric you see is my apron and Chandler's. I'm not sure where her's is at the moment. There's also a Ziploc with cupcake liners and frosting applicators, food coloring, sprinkles and little Tupperware containers full of birthday candles.

...which may take the happiest little photograph ever! Hope your Monday has some special in it, if not full-blown birthday special. I'm starting to get excited about my kids birthdays that are coming in May! 

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