Tuesday, May 26, 2015


When I saw this quote, 

...I thought it would make a perfect background for my computer screen (since I haven't come up with any of my own lately) and then I started adding to it in my head. Part of intentional living is thoughtfully removing things from our lives that aren't serving us, but the flip side of that is giving ourselves permission for things we've formerly dissallowed. The reason I say it's part of intentionality is because we didn't dissallow it thoughtfully. We punished ourselves for whatever it was in a fuzzy, "...I mean, somebody told me it was wrong...once..." way. One of my misbeliefs that made me most miserable was this lie of a rule: You need to do your best all the time. It pretended to be a moral code, making a quick job of anything unworthy of my own approval. Sheesh...life is so much better knowing (a) that's not possible! and (b) sometimes quick and easy is the BEST way.

So here are a few things I've added to my list of permissions. Hopefully a few will flutter across the interwebs and make sense to you.

We don't have to "get the look."

We don't have to keep up.

We don't have to get with the program.

We don't have to be better than anyone.

We don't have be sexy all the time.

We don't have to sit down and shut up.

We don't have to speak up.

We don't have to maintain status quo.

We don't have to make nice.

Some of these are obviously situational, but it if we are on autopilot, this reminds us one answer isn't always right. There's a time for everything and if we're thoughtful and present, we might just start to know which way is better right now.

So much love!

P.S. We can even post imperfect profile pictures on our blogs! I'll try to take one that looks professional soon, but at least now you know what I look like! :)

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