Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Tale of Letting Go

Once there was a woman who was blessed with both soul mate and children. Her far-seeing eyes told her they were her greatest treasure so she held them like jewels, tight in her hand. The fear of losing them kept her that way, fisted and tired. Though it hurt her hand to grip so tightly, she didn't think she could bare it if something bad happened to them. The fear and love, all blended together was a heady mix that drove her. But no matter how she tried, her strength sometimes gave out. Terrified, she'd squeeze again with all her might.

After years of fearing her own weakness, she decided there must be a better way. Her heart - nudged and coaxed by whispers from calmer lips - let her belief grow wide and deep like a shovel unearthing her frantic resolve. So she whispered out her weakness, "Help me let go," and God sat down next to her. She quietly took the woman's precious fist in her God-hands, one on top, one underneath. She cradled the woman's loves, the blessings that burdened. It felt so good to have the help she needed and the woman relaxed. Then God opened her fingers one by one and they admired her prizes a moment. Fuzzy orbs of light appeared and circled each gem until they floated up out of her hand and danced in the air above. 

The woman felt happy watching them, seeing they were still safe but free. She felt free too, and crumpled into God's bosom. God held her close and rubbed the woman's still aching hand. The woman thought, "She's got them," and her heart fluttered down, nestling deep in the sweetest calm she'd ever known.