Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Anniversary Vacation: Kansas City

Brian and I have been married for fifteen years this August. We're a little early with our celebrating, but by August Brian will be up to his ears getting ready for school to start. We try to escape for a weekend in June each year, since that's when we can. This year is a "big one" but I don't pay attention to that because life doesn't organize itself neatly around round numbers. There's no exotic beach awaiting us and that doesn't represent failure. All we needed was a break, and we got it. 

We always stay on the Plaza and enjoy the slower pace of walking everywhere. Except Nel Hills. And ikea, which we will not miss next time. 

I even found a window with my initials on it! 

This is where we stayed and spent the whole next day poolside, which is my favorite indulgence if I'm not near a beach. Especially with music to explore in my earbuds. In daily life, music's in the background of whatever else I'm doing, so I find it incredibly relaxing - even therapeutic to do nothing but listen to it. The harmonies, the words...magic.

Here we are outside Cinzetti's where they serve the most ahh-mazing bruschetta. The next day, we shopped the Plaza (Brian's special Father's Day treat!) and drove home where we'd enjoy a few days of "stay-cation" on our main floor. (Avoiding the kids' mess upstairs and the reminders of work needing done in the basement.) It was pretty great. 

Needless to say, we had fun and managed not to run into anyone we know. Since we usually only get a weekend to ourselves, the extra days were just what we needed. Everything is better after laughing at silly movies, eating yummy treats and soaking up some sunshine.

When the kids came home, I spent a day playing with them in our blow-up pool. I know...a grown up and two nine year olds? It was actually lovely and peaceful and exhausting and satisfying. That's why we can't turn up our noses to less glamorous relaxation because stay-cations and blow-up pools make happy memories too. This week it's back to real life but next week we leave again (with kiddos this time) for Texas. May not leave lots of time for posting, but you know I'll check in eventually. :)

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