Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Home Decor Ambitions

I've been on a bit of a thoughtful streak around here lately, but of course, I am always spending a little time thinking about how to make my home work (or look) better (according to me). So...I thought I'd give you a little peak into my brain by sharing the style boards I've created in the easiest way possible...Polyvore!!

If you have a project that is swimming around in your brain and you'd like to compile your inspirational visuals in one place, this is a great way to do it. Also if you have budget restrictions but want to spend a little free time dreaming of what can be when your ship comes in. ;)

Bathrooms have been on my mind, as we still hope to make our main bath happen this summer. Also, the kids would like a bath that reflects their interests (I did it when they were too little to tell me), and so I've been daydreaming about that too...

Main floor bath

Kids Bath

Kids Bath by kendrakcarlson featuring wall mounted lights

Isn't that fun? Several of the pictures show what I've already got going and I added the new elements to see how they mesh. Below are some things I'll probably be adding to our bathroom wish list:

You know how I love towels...

I'm headed on a little anniversary vaca with my sweetums, which means it'll be quiet around here for a bit. We've been needing some time off in a big way, so I'm oober-excited.

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