Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer Recap

With my children starting school, I have a teensy-weensy glimmer of hope about blogging regularly. Thanks for allowing me my little hiatus as my summer blew up in many ways. Trips are hard, deaths are hard, keeping the kids occupied is hard, all in very different ways, but those three things had me stretched to my limits and too dang tired to talk about it. Hence the radio silence. 

It feels odd to start back with a post about feng shui, so how 'bout a little recap? In addition to our anniversary trip, we visited Texas for some meetings and stopped by on the way down to help my mom who'd recently lost her husband to a long fight with cancer. That part felt like it turned my soul inside out, but we were glad we could be there for mom. Once we got to San Antonio, we enjoyed Sea World with the kids, dinner on the Riverwalk, and even found smashed pennies to add to the kids' collection. 

(coping with fancy restaurant boredom)

smashed pennies!
When we got home, we had a few days before my mom moved here, bringing her beautiful piano with her. We're storing it for her and it's a treat to listen to Cadence play it. Mom stayed with us a couple weeks and then there were swim lessons and school supply shopping, blah, blah. In the meantime, I decided that coffee ice cream is the most refreshing thing you can put in your mouth and Brian and I started taking walks around the block while the kids stay home. So nice, people. I mean, no interruptions, roses to smell...I'm in heaven. 

If you're wondering what happened to our bathroom project, I honestly don't know where we would've fit it in, if we could've afforded it. Because our roof got storm damage, we were happy to pay our insurance deductible, but it shelved other projects. I believe there'll be a time when the stars align and this project happens, but until then, we've got a rug over the buckled flooring and my son is starting piano, because that's a boat you just don't want to miss. 

I'm so grateful this summer is over, that it went well, and that I have a school full of sweet people to care for my kiddos seven hours a day. The quiet hours at home (when I'm not working) are helping me so much. I learned a lot in the whirlwind and I'm looking forward to some stillness now, where I can process it and (icing on the cake) share it with you. 

Hope all of you are finding rest between your storms and for those of you who are parents and live where school doesn't start until September, you are almost there!

I almost are our annual first day of school photos. The chalk boards are supposed to say their grade AND the occupation they dream of. I was just so freakin' excited that we were not LATE this first day of school, I completely forgot. They're entering third grade. If you'd like to see their kindergarten year (when I did it right), just click here.  

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