Friday, October 16, 2015

It's Time...for a Social Media Fast

I've finally gotten up the nerve to do something I've planned to do for years now. Literally years. People I admire do it, they recommend I do it...I even pledged to do it once and am only now following through. 

I'm staying away from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogging for forty days. Yikes, right? It's just that I NEED to KNOW. It seems like you can't really see how something impacts you til you take it away. Our No Spend month did that for us with money, though things have gotten considerably more complicated in that department since we started trying to get me better, but overall, I think it's great to take breaks from lots of things in order to intentionally reintroduce them in the way that works for you, rather than the way everyone else does it. 

I feel badly that this comes after a period of sparseness here at HaveMercy, but it's been a year since I came to terms with my fatigue (that it wasn't normal) and haven't seen a lot of progress. Because I love people so much (here and on SM) I put a lot of energy into what I say both places. I'm trying to see if that is part of what's sapping me. Lot's of people feel amazing OFF of Facebook. It changes their lives. I really don't know what'll happen, but here's what I'm hoping for mostly:

Focused time at my computer. To sit down and do what I planned to do and get back to my day. This almost NEVER happens, since I keep tabs open that act as my online To Do Later list. Whatever tab is open when I sit down begs me to finish it and sometimes when I'm done, I have no idea what I sat down to do or what task I was planning to do AFTER the computer thing. I think this phenomenon is more stressful than I realize. Especially if precious quiet time gets squandered by the mushroom effect that happens to my mind on the interwebs. "Oh that reminds me I wanted to look at that..." I'm sure you know. 

There are a couple things to look forward to when I return. I've done some research into makeup because I don't enjoy taking the time for it (or spending money on it) but I love to have it done. I've come up with a simple set of cosmetics that I'll share with you. Also, I haven't been completely out of order when it comes to home updates the past few months, but haven't been up to sharing them. So I thought I'd do a quick photo tour of the new things to catch you up. 

I hope you enjoy your fall!


  1. I did a fast recently and I learned a lot about the influence social media has in my opinion for the worst on a persons subconscious with negative and sexist comments not to mention pop ups and side adds. You can look at something and say, " nah I'm not into that " and scroll on but it's too late - the mind has made a mental photograph.

    1. I JUST saw your comment and agree. Even if we fight against it, it's not a great way to spend our precious energy.