Monday, December 7, 2015

Around the House: Updates

You have to know that though I've been focused on my health th last year, I've done a FEW things around the house. No big projects, but I've kept my eye open for items on my wish list in case the right something came along. And a few times they did. So here's a year's worth of finds in one post. Ready?

I was already dreaming of finding a different buffet for the dining room when I posted back here. I wanted one with more storage so I could bring my wrapping supplies to the main level. I kept checking Craigslist and Lincolnsign (a FB group for selling items locally) and finally found this. I wasn't sure if I'd keep its wood color or paint it, but when I put it in the space, I liked the wood! Since my table's already painted, I wasn't sure what paint option I'd be happy with anyway. I'm really pleased I like it as is! The best part is...easy-peasy!

See how well it holds my gift wrap? It's handy because I'm ALWAYS wrapping in a hurry so running upstairs was a pain and the dining table's right there to use if I'm actually wrapping with paper. My secret minimalist goal is to have everything we need on the main floor. This is my over-arching long-term goal so I've never said it out loud before. It's still a long way from a tiny house, but by the time it's just Brian and me, that would make the switch to a studio apartment doable, right? 

Another dining room change was replacing the drum shade chandelier with this one. It was a second hand fixture in antique bronze color and there were five globes in a yellow-ish color. Kind of tuscan, but I loved the parallel lines. I removed the globes and painted it gold. Here it is right before the paint happened. I used Rust-oleum's metallic paint in Pure Gold and it's perfect. Not a true brass, but I like this piece in the more subtle shade. If you've found the perfect brass spray paint, please tell me in the comments! And sorry for the blurry photos. I get excited when I'm doing fast projects and can't slow down to take quality photos...

We're using 25w round bulbs right now (regular ones are too bright without globes), but eventually, I'd like to see what it looks like with tall tube ones like the one below!

I got some color in my desk area! (See how colorless it was here.) This chair is WAY more comfortable to blog in...or Pinterest peruse, or budget manage, or's all better when you're not hunched over. If that wasn't enough to help me part with the $35 that it cost, it makes my kitchen feel bigger because I can slide it all the way in. The old director's chair couldn't because of its arms. By the way, since we weren't planning a trip to an Ikea in the near future, I asked on FB if any of my friends were going and some Ikea enthusiasts agreed to bring this chair back for me on their next trip. I wouldn't ask this of friends if your wish list includes a sectional sofa, but for little stuff...

I really like it when people prop a small painting up in their kitchen, against their back splash or whatnot. I don't have a great spot for one on my regular counter, but when I saw this original painting of strawberries at a thrift shop for $1.99, I was thrilled! It's no masterpiece, but somebody painted that. The frame was a 1970s darkly stained wood, so I painted it with Dark Blue Craft Smart paint. The basket weave pink tealight holder is actually the perfect size to hold business cards. 

You'll never believe what I found at a garage sale this summer. I've spent that last few years pounding and then jumping on the cushions that formed the back of our loveseat. They just wouldn't return to their former shape and I knew a couch wasn't in the budget. So I punched them from time to time and tried not to think about it. I found a pink couch. For fifty dollars. I ripped the skirt off and touched up the stain on the legs and wow! So much better than what we had to sit on before. Someone pinch me! You can see I still need to tidy up the fabric above the leg. 

Also, my mom moved back from Oklahoma and needed a place to store her piano. We were more than happy to let the kids practice on a piano where each and every key comes back up after you play them, so here it is. 

And lastly, I got an original piece of art for over my mantle. It came into the shop where I work and I promptly fell in love with the blues. My co-workers noticed and gave it to me as a birthday present! So special. I'm in love with art that's accented with gold or silver leaf, so I'm planning how to do that to this one.

So there are the changes I've used to tide me over until I could dig into a project. This fall, I caught the bug and went to town on my family room, which I can't wait to show you. And I'm about to do a surprise transformation of the kids' bathroom as part of their Christmas gift, so I'm gathering items and feeling really sneaky! Can. Not. Wait. I know it's not what kids dream of for Christmas, but I'm working in things they love and I think they'll feel really cared for and understood when they see it. And of course, I'll take you along for the ride!

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