Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kids Bathroom Reveal

When we renovated our house we added a bathroom to the attic for our kids to share. In terms of decoration, I knew it had to be gender-neutral (which seemed really tricky at the time) and almost free. So I did something I now consider pretty "meh." Without knowing what the kids were into (they were only three) I decided on a vaguely safari room in neutrals. The mirror was a hand-me-down which was too formal and big for the space, but we made the best of it. 

The medium paint color and dark wood made a tiny bathroom feel even smaller. The kids also had no place to set things, which meant they fell on the floor. Toothpastey things. I still love the clip for the hand towel, though my kids "need" to take it off regularly so it still ends up on the floor. My daughter was sad the elephant mural would be painted over so I took a photo and framed it for her to enjoy. 

Chandler loves lizards and Cadence loves wolves and all things Native American, so I got to explore the fun world of boho-mod. If you've been thinking of trying this style, think light, bright, and utilitarian with natural elements and clean lines. 

My first priority was to lose the dark wood (except the flooring) and give the room some youthful elements. I painted the vanity with Annie Sloan's Napoleonic blue and changed the hardware to shiny chrome pulls. Ahh...they finally match the finish on the faucet and light fixture. Because there's no natural light in the room, I've never shown you the light but it's one of my favorites. We got it at Lowes back in the day. (below)

Next I looked for a slender, weathered wood frame for our new mirror, but had no luck finding one. The day before we started the project, I bought a chalk board at Hobby Lobby (thankfully on a 1/2 price sale) and got my frame for $30. I've hung onto a mirror we'd taken out in the renovation and had it cut to fit the frame for $8. Brian replaced the chalk board with the mirror and it's an up-cycling wonder. 

Shelving was the next thing I got excited about when I saw this post at Little Green Notebook. We totally copied her shelves which gave us a place to put decorations and a few useful things too. I feel like they give the room a finished, modern vibe. I found a polka dot sheet at a thrift store and knew I could sew it into a shower curtain. I cut leather strips from some scraps I had around (from a failed project) and put them through button holes at the top of the sheet. An added bonus is how quiet they are sliding back and forth! 

I'm not loving the shower rod we have and my first thought is a wood dowel like you'd use in a clothes closet? Of course I was tempted to go buy new towels (I have a thing for towels), especially after seeing the beauties in Little Green Notebook's post, but I'm saving my pennies since this isn't the only bathroom that needs some attention.

I found this towel hanging apparatus at a thrift store too and love how tightly it holds towels. I added rubber stoppers to the back so it won't damage the door (or bang) and it works great. TIP: I always hang towels across two hooks so no part of them gathers too much to dry  

I painted the wolves and word art but I couldn't get the painting of the gecko out of my head, so I finally ordered it. All the frames were at thrifts stores or garage sales and only cost a couple dollars each. So this corner of our house is super spiffed up and it feels go-od. I got so excited, I took a picture of inside the cabinet so you can see what we have there. Brian drilled a hole through the side of the cabinet so the kids' toothbrush can plug in, but still be out of the way of flying debris. 

What you see here (from left to right) is Cadence's make-up bag (real stuff she uses to play), Band-Aids, and floss picks in the basket, extra shampoo and conditioner, witch hazel, deodorant, personal wipe refills, extra toilet paper, and toothbrushes/paste. All of Cadence's hair items are in my bathroom, which we went over back here. Speaking of...that was when I went through my main floor showing you what I keep since I'm a minimalist. I've been toying with showing you the other rooms in January, since we tend to catch the organizing bug when New Year's rolls around.

Here's a final detail shot of the big jar with part of the kids' rock collection. Actually, I collected the one with the fossil-looking things in the middle when I was a girl. The little jar by the elephants' picture is full of pebbles they felt were worth keeping. These simple things fit perfectly with this style of decor, which is one reason I thought it was the way to go. If I missed any details you'd like to know, ask me in the comments! I'd love to know how you feel about this style that I thought was too hip and city loft for me to work into my home!

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