Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Life Hacks: Sheet Suspenders

At least that's what the kids are calling them these days. As this new year begins, I want to share tips I tried in 2015 that WORKED and made life easier. I love Pinterest as much as the next person, but aren't there a lot of tips that don't work?! Who has time for that? Like back when I tried the mouthwash foot soak. Not cool. There's also been a couple light bulb moments when I found solutions to some personal pet peeves. I have an inordinate amount of pet peeves.

Today I'm sharing my tried and true solution to sleeping on wrinkled sheets. I'm not talking about ironed sheets vs. unironed; I'm talking about when it feels like a mean elf gathered the fabric of your fitted sheet while you were away working all day. It's actually caused by ill-fitting sheets (or jersey sheets, which I've deliberately never owned for this reason). Ever since the debut of pillow top mattress, there's been a huge discrepancy in mattress height, causing sheet makers to err on the large side, leaving a lot of us with extra. And some sheets just don't fit well anyway. You know the ones where you try the fitted sheet both ways but still aren't sure you got it right? 

I like my bedding tight and smooth, so I spent a few dollars and a few minutes making something to keep it all in place. I've been sleeping on my fleece sheet set for a while this way and it's AMAZING. Here's what you need:

Some basic elastic and suspender clips, both easily found at any fabric store, or Wal-mart possibly. Here's how you do it:

  1. Cut a piece of elastic a couple feet shorter than the length across your bed. 
  2. Put one end of the elastic through the suspender clip's loop and fold it. At this point, you can sew it with your machine or hand sew it. (If you've never owned any sewing stuff, I'd buy a travel sewing kit and you'll have everything you need without making an investment.)
  3. Then lift your mattress and lay it across your box spring.
  4. Put your mattress down, put your fitted sheet on and reach between your mattress and box spring til you feel the clip. It should stretch long enough for you to clip the edge of your sheet. If that's not tight enough, clip it anywhere on your sheet that keeps it tight. 
Say hello to smooth sheets and less frustration. Here are some ways you can use these "sheet suspenders" depending on what your struggle is. I'm planning to make short ones for my husband's corners since they always slip off.

If you're thinking, "I've seen these somewhere before," you're totally right and you can certainly buy them, but when it's so easy and cheap to make, I'd rather do it myself. I think I spent $4 to make my long one and still have plenty of elastic to make another one. 

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