Monday, February 1, 2016

Make Your Monday: Like a Boss

I went to a yoga class on New Year's Day and our teacher gave us each a piece of paper and asked us to write how we'd like to live 2016. At first I thought "gently" and then I thought, "forget that!" I want to live "like a boss." 

What I mean by that is I know I'm in charge of my life, but I don't always act like it. I'm not even always aware of it. This leads to feelings of being trapped when someone's going on and on, never taking a breath, when I need to be somewhere else. It also leads to feeling I have no voice when I sense what I say will cause discomfort. Sometimes I hate the "nice" persona I've expected from myself. I've thought how freeing it must be to be That Girl who everyone knows will say whatever she wants. She usually gets called a b----- but still, I could say what I need to say. 

Anyway, I'm channeling this desire into finding my voice. I'm the boss of me, so when someone doesn't seem to be listening, I can restate or even say, "Did you hear me when I said I..." or if a question isn't answered, I can say, "You didn't answer my question." I'm tired of wishing I'd gotten more out of a conversation. I'm tired of padding an "expert's" ego by not challenging them. I feel desperate now, like one of those bad dreams where you need to scream for help and you just can't. Since desperation is the only place we often change, I guess this is a milestone. It's the perfect place to find my first small squeak.

As a reminder, I made this wallpaper for my laptop and I'd like to offer it to you. Take charge of your beautiful life and learn the art of assertiveness. Even if it scares the poop out of you.

get wallpaper here

Click the link in the caption to get a file big enough for your screen. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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