Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sewing Closet Reveal

There's a pocket door in the back of our kids' bathroom that leads to a closet under the eaves. It's been my sewing closet and holds the kids' extra towels. Before we moved in, I'd never been able to leave my sewing machine set up and accessible. It's so handy. But in our rush to move in six years ago we didn't trim or paint any of our closets. We were just done. So for the last six years it boasted powdery grey drywall, leftover furniture and projects leftovers I stashed. It got tidier when I minimized, but it still wasn't pretty. I know it will take years, but I'd like every corner of my house to be well thought out and beautiful. This leaves a lot of spaces needing "the treatment." It can be overwhelming if you keep a mental list of these areas and view them as nuisances, but I do a lot better if I reframe it in my thoughts. This is what I remember when I wander into such a place and have a "I can't believe this is still this way after living here six years" moment. I love a project and I have multiple ones to pick from when I find the time/energy. It's pretty great, really. 

The not so great part is when I have an urge to be creative (and actually have the energy) but don't have the cash to buy supplies. But that's when my creativity goes into a new gear. This sewing closet is a perfect example. I'll show you.

First, it needed paint, so I looked at my leftovers and decided on using the pink I used on our dining room accent wall. It was bright enough to make the most of a room that doesn't have any natural light and hello! Pink. 

Next was furniture. My sewing machine was sitting on an old sewing machine table (the sewing machine inside didn't work) but it was small and I wanted more surface area. My supplies were in an old microwave cart and I dreamed of having some of them out on shelves. When my ancient Mac (in our basement hallway) was only turning on part of the time, I took my files off and let it go. I was thrilled when I realized that desk would fit perfectly the short way in the sewing closet. So perfect in fact, Brian could barely get it in. 

When my mom moved here, she had furniture she couldn't fit in her tiny apartment, so I asked if she would let me borrow a shelving piece. And if she'd let me paint it. She agreed and I used my Annie Sloan French Linen leftovers to transform it. It gives me the hidden storage and shelving. I love it.

On the left I hang clothes to alter, and the white shelving unit holds the kids bath towels in the top and their beach towels on the bottom. The aqua tub is full of future project supplies. That took care of the major expenses, so it was on to little details that make a room feel finished. I've saved so many favorites of the kids' art, I knew it would be the perfect inspiration for this space. 

wrapped a piece of cork board I'd been saving with scrap batting and fabric so I can easily pin their art over my sewing machine. The little guy to the left was a pen drawing of Chandler's so long ago, I can't even remember how old he was. He just looks so happy to me! I wanted an easy place to store my rolls of wrapping paper, so I looked through lots of ideas on Pinterest. Eventually, I came up with a contraption that worked because this room has a plywood piece covering access to the attic. I painted a small piece of wood gold and mounted it a few inches above the access. (see below) Then I hot glued clothespins to it. I was a little worried about how sturdy it would be, but it's quite stable. To add some interest, I painted the clothespins like they were dipped in gold and added black polka dots with craft paint. Smaller clips hold the wrapping paper at the other end so they don't unroll.

This little combo is a couple all-time favorite candids of Cadence and Chandler and I've used my Pink Victoria's Secret dog as my pin cushion for years. What else are they good for?! I got the calendar on a clipboard from Target's dollar section, as well as the "hello beautiful" greeting card I pinned on the bulletin board. So that's all I spent on the room. ($4) All the picture frames were hanging around from all the switching I've done in the past. I KNOW I'll need them in the future. 

And lastly, remember how I made the kids' bathroom mirror with a frame from a chalkboard? Well, I'm going to hang that chalkboard in here to keep track of projects. It's so fun to write on and I can't wait to cross things out! What space has been driving you crazy and what do you have around that if you rethought, you could make it all work splendidly? I had no idea I had everything I needed to redo this little room. :)

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