Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Abundance: We All Have a Lot of Something

First off, thank you for your warm wishes for my health. You're the best!

If you've read my last couple posts, you'll know why I feel the lack in my life acutely right now: lack of energy, lack of knowledge, lack of money. But recently an experience reminded me I have huge amounts of other things like familial love, God-loving extended family, opportunity and holy sovereignty. The abundance was so stunning, it filled my heart to the bursting point. 

You see, my almost-ten son got to go on a trip to Guatemala... 

...with his grandpa

...to see orphans and monkeys and a smoking volcano.

at the orphanage - on lava rock!
with some of the orphans and their house parents

he got to see some ginormous ruins
But best of all...

oh, my heart...

...he met the boy we cosponsor with grandma and grandpa! Antony. 

Grandpa and Chandler took Antony and his brother Emerson (on the left above) out for fry chicken and played soccer/basketball and got to see their home. 

We never dreamed any of us would get to meet Antony. My kids had said they wanted to meet him and I quickly thought, "Impossible," but I was wrong. Maybe instead of the knee-jerk reaction we have at the first sign of a desire (shut it down!) we should sit with it and say something like, "If this is meant to be, I'm open to it." 

I'm so grateful for this moment in Chandler's life when he got to explore a different place and hear different things and feel different feelings - all under the watchful, loving eye of his grandfather. I want the best for my kids and carefully curate their environments and pray we're making the right decisions and then, whoosh! Out of the blue, God does something so big for my child I remember he's the one curating and he's got it. In his abundance, we're taken care of, our kids are cared for. 

I'm going to enjoy this next five minutes because I'm virtually swimming in contentment. 

And maybe...

...just maybe, the next hurdle that comes up will seem less scary. He's got this.

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