Monday, April 11, 2016

Music Room Reveal

I have big news to share with you today! My dreamed of, long-awaited, hoped-for rug has finally arrived on the floor of our music room side of the living room. And the only reason it happened is because we did a little No-Spend month in February (which is crazy because I felt like we were No-Spending ever since we started spending so much on healthcare), but we managed to set aside enough to buy this beauty. 

You may also notice the different piano. When my mom moved back from Oklahoma, she needed a place for hers and we were more than happy to have one where all the keys came back up after you played them. Also, it sounds ten times prettier when the kids play! So we gave the other away and brought more neutrals into this room. The piano's cranberry color didn't work well with turquoise and chartreuse all around it. 

Isn't it great? It's from Lowes and while it's not plush, it's soft. Working in a home decor store taught me a lot about quality rugs and while this is in the cheaper range of rugs, I believe it'll last better than some. The room was so dark before, I wanted the rug to lighten things up and chose the silver color first. It didn't even look gray next to our dark floors. So we returned it and ordered the same rug in gray, which is just right. 

I ran into trouble arranging items on the top of this piano because of the hinge that runs all the way down the center. In the photo above, I just placed smaller objects in front of and behind it, but for my ginger jar, I cut a Real Simple magazine in half (about the height of the hinge) and set a couple books on top of it. The books don't rock and no one looks close enough to see the magazine isn't whole. #sneaky

This little dresser got a makeover too, with different art, a different lamp (which needs a shorter harp) and some new accessories. The lamp and art that were here found better homes in the basement. And do you know what I've found my dresser by the door really needs? Coasters. I'm always setting either a drippy water cup or cold smoothie or hot coffee on it and I used to have to hope there'd be a stray piece of paper or book to put it on. Then I went to a super trendy mom's group where these were the craft! Mine are far from perfect, but I love the mix of colors. And they keep ugly water rings off my dresser and they aren't fragile. (Things can get crazy in our entry way.)

So the music room feels finished. I'm proud of myself for waiting so long to get a rug. I was tempted many times to settle and get something so-so. I even bought an oriental rug and tried to bleach it in our kid pool. It didn't change the color one bit. But maybe those six years of waiting make today even sweeter. 

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