Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mix & Match Dining Chairs

I've long been a struggler when it comes to dining room decor. I think it's the hardest room by far. I like color and texture and fabric in a room, but dining rooms offer a lot more solid surfaces. Anyway, I struggle.

But I've spied a dining room trend that helps with that dilema and gives play for those of us who are decorating on the cheap. It's the trend of mixing dining room chairs. And while it's not an easy thing to do, you can make it a lot easier if you simply choose a different kind of chair for the ends of your table, than you use for the sides. This works in formal settings as well as casual and adds the layered, collected over-time look that makes a room comfortable.  

Think about it...if you have kids you don't trust on fabric chairs, but want more fabric or pattern in your dining room, you can have some wingbackish fabric chairs as captains chairs and wooden washables for the kids. Or if you're head over heals for some statement chairs, you can splurge on two of them and fill in with cheaper, vintage chairs. 

I've put together idea boards for a casual eating area and a more formal one to give you an idea how I'd mix chairs around a table. Also, keep your mind open to using a bench on one side of the table to add a third element. Just don't put a high-back one on a side that will block the view of your table, since that breaks up a space. 

earthy dining

refined dining

The side chairs in both idea boards are from Chairish, an online store that has so many options for vintage furniture and decor. You can see all their dining chairs here. And yes, the second one is a spin off of my own dining room as I am still in love with blush and grey woods and gold. Those blush chairs...sigh. 

So I hope this inspires you if you're looking to change up your dining space. If you went the route of a formal set, but you're sick of it, consider painting the table and adding some mismatched chairs! 

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