Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jars of Gratitude

I'd love to have a great thought to wrap up my 18 Days of Gratitude, but instead I'm brain dead. So I have a smorgasbord for you.

I'm grateful for a fun book and a cat to snuggle with. I'm grateful the kids and Brian and I had a pleasant, chill evening because that's gotten rare. I'm grateful I'll be in bed on time and not have to worry about sleeping "fast." I'm grateful for you guys and this blog and the catching up we've been able to do. 

I never did bring myself to tell you about the bathroom saga, but I'll get around to it. My sweet husband is working on it right now. I'm grateful for that too. 

isn't this jar PERFECT!?
Thankfully, gratitude doesn't have to be profound. It blesses us in simple ways and is born in simple moments. Have any of you tried a gratitude jar? I am thinking it would be a lovely thing to start in my family where everything has seemed poo-poo for far too long. Here's what Elizabeth Gilbert says about it:

I’m a very ambitious person. I think we all chase our ambitions because we believe they will make us happy. And now I have six years of evidence in my happiness jar that on a day to day, moment to moment level, the stuff that makes me happy is remarkably simple.

I love that. 

I love you. 

Thanks always, for listening. 

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