Friday, September 7, 2018

What We've Been Up To

Since it's been a hundred years since I've written, I'm going to give you a speed of light catch up thing. Synopsis? I don't know, but if you ever read Highlights magazine, you'll remember the stories where there were pictures that replaced words? I'm gonna go that route.

Super sophisticated. 

Per usual.

We did make some of my dreamed of improvements before and after our move in. We added a pantry and a little more space to the tiny main floor bathroom. We also moved the sink and vanity from the main floor to the basement bathroom-to-be. Possibly my favorite change was this custom built cabinet that gives us SO MUCH more kitchen space.

When we moved our stuff in we found out we had a room full of things to get rid of in our summer garage sale. The downsizing is real, but it feels like we fit this home better than any we've had. There were also science fairs, recitals and a trip to Ikea...

...and at last, a new kitten.

His name if Phineas and he eats truckloads, talks incessantly and is fluffulicious. We're in love.

Shortly after, Brian became severely anemic and then there were a million tests. Then there were bed bugs that turned out to be bat bugs (yes, it's a thing), neither of which do you particularly want to discover in your new little house, but if one has to choose, go bat bugs every time. Overalls came back from the 90's so I went straight away and got a pair. Also our kids got baptized.

This would have been a highlight any time, but particularly in comparison to our war on bugs and we celebrated. The kids said it was so fun, they wished they could do it again. 

During graduation time (Brian's busiest as a principal) our lease came due on our car. So we leased a new car with room for our kids' growing legs. I turned 38 and tried my hair a reddish color.

My younger sister moved to Florida, we built a temporary deck and Chandler went to summer camp for the first time. (I'm starting to feel this is the "dear diary" style of Christmas letter...) But the best, best part of this whole time, was our vacation. Not only did we need to get away from all the stress life threw our way, but it killed time while we waited to find out what Brian needed to do about his anemia. If you want to understand what a relief it was for all of us, just look at our faces when we reached the ocean:

Then we saw this (below) with our own eyeballs. (Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina)

We saw friends and celebrated the 4th and ate pizza in St. Louis.

When we got home it was time to clear out that room of stuff we'd decided we didn't need and had our annual garage sale. That wasn't enough work, so we decided it was time to add a shower to the basement bathroom, effectively exiling the entire family from my main floor bath. Well, except Phineas, who's become monstrous.

Brian had surgery a week ago to take care of some internal bleeding that caused his anemia. He's been a trooper through a painful, slow recovery. We hope this will get him back to his normal, energetic self. 

So there you have it. Or an overview of it. Our new house is pretty darn cute and I'm excited to share it with you as I have time. All my fingers and toes are crossed that this will begin an era of quieter waters for us, so I can indeed write a bit from time to time. 

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